Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Trip To China (Part 2)

I have been in China for one week now. My Grandma and my Mom are busy most of the time. I am super bored. Surprisingly, my Mom is encouraging me to watch TV. This has never happened before in the U.S. This is because I can practice my Chinese. There is only one channel here that I like. It is called Kaku. Kaku is basically the Chinese version of Disney Channel, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and all the Power Ranger Movies mixed together. Weird, HUH? After a few days, my 3rd Auntie came from Australia to visit and to stay with us, I was happy. We could play cards and a new game called “Spot It”, and talk.

On the 6th day, Saturday, we had a big banquet at my Grandma’s house. I got to see my little chubby nephew and most of my cousins, aunties, and one of my uncles. The food was delicious. There was braised fish, roasted chicken, stir-fried shrimp, stir-fried vegetables, many salads, and soup. In total, there were at least fourteen dishes! My favorite was the braised fish. It was a whole fish but cut in half with the head and tail left on the fish. It was lightly browned on both sides and cooked with ginger, spring onion, with a touch of soy sauce sugar, and cooking wine. When I saw it, my mouth began to water! The texture was light and flaky. The taste was unbelievable. It was cooked through, very juicy, and tender. The fished smelled like the ocean.

I had an awesome time. I got to talk with my cousins, aunties, and uncle. Everyone was talking about the round little fellow. He is extremely cute, and likes to run a lot in the house.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Trip To China (Part 1)

Have you ever been to a place where the temperature can be up to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and about 20 degrees below zero in the winter? I have. I am visiting my relatives in Beijing, China this summer. It has been SUPER hot since we got here.  When my mom and I first got off the airplane, the temperature was 98 degrees Fahrenheit outside. When we walked into the airport’s parking garage, it was like walking in an omega steam room. It was hot and humid! Finally, we got in my Auntie’s car. I was hoping there was air conditioning, but the chauffeur didn’t even turn it on. I was in the back seat and thought a pyro was in the back heating up the car. It felt like the car was on fire! At last we got home. I greeted my Grandma and rushed to the air conditioner.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Should all U.S. students meet a single set of national proficiency standards

Should all U.S students meet one set of national proficiency standards? I believe yes. This post will explain my choice. America has been declining when it comes to academics. This is especially true in math.

Schools should have a single set of national proficiency standards. This way, all students will be held to high standards and will try to achieve them. Thus, we can encourage students to work harder and study better in school. Over time, America’s world academic ranking has dropped from number one to thirty-two. America needs high standards to make their ranking much better. If we had high standards, students would be inspired to participate in class and study so they could be well prepared for the ERB* or STAR** test.

So far the ERB and STAR test scores have been lower than usual. This is likely because many children spend an enormous amount of time playing video games or online. They are encouraged to do that from TV ads. This is also because of new technology that comes out. Students play on these new devices and will not spend enough time studying. Furthermore, if the students had a standard they would try to achieve, they would develop a habit of studying, and would spend less time on games and online. These better habits will help students do better in school.

The national proficiency standards will help “B” students earn scores such as “A” or “A+”. When these students grow up, their expectations of their own children will be high, so they can help their children do better in school. From my own experience, over the years, my ERB percentile scores has been increased from around 80% to 90%. Each year I set a goal to improve my scores.
The national proficiency standards will help America improve its world ranking. This might persuade other countries to adopt similar programs. More students can go to good colleges and get a very good education. These standards can help the students’ career when they are an adult. Therefore, I believe that all U.S. students should meet a single set of national proficiency standards. The standards help students do a lot better in school. The national proficiency standards will help make the United States
a better place.

*The ERB’s standardized tests are for independent schools
**The STAR standardized tests are for public schools

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playing with Friends

I love to play with friends. They cheer me up and are always honest. We usually play LEGO’s together. We created a LEGO nation. We even have a short history about it. The history is: After violent battles one nation rose out of the ashes. This was the United Republic! My friends and I are each in charge of our own city and our two or three jobs. My job is reinforcements and textiles. I reinforce our warfare master and our head of security. I have lots of spare LEGO body pieces and I pretend that they are clothes because the parts are made with clothes on them. We have already expanded our empire but it is not very large.

We might plan an assault on another nation to expand our empire. That nation’s leader is Austin. Although Austin gave practically all his LEGOs to my friend Arnet, one of the creators of the United Republic, Austin has gained stronger army men. For now, we fear his power. We have the choice to expand or to fall with the United Republic. My city, Brick Land, is the best defended and most likely to survive. The cities of my other friends, Gevan and Seyer will probably fall in ashes. Arnet’s city will barely survive but will be so weak it will crumble in a matter of time. No matter, I shall help them as best as I can! The United Republic must live on!!! We have decided to put our attacks on hold, but that is not the final decision. Despite the wars and battles we have had, our country is still thriving!

Another game we play is “hide and go seek tag”. We usually go to the “Breakers”, which is a group of apartments, and run around. We have a “bonker” who decides which player is the tagger. We usually do “sky blue sky blue everybody is it but you”. The people who are bonked are not it for the round. The person who was never bonked is the tagger. The tagger must find the others and then tag one of them. The goal of the game is to never get tagged. If you are tagged, you are the new tagger. Arnet and I almost never get tagged. Our strategy is to think that we are in the hunger games. We want to survive so we stay away from everyone but ourselves. We almost always play all day long.
There is one video game that Seyer, Arnet, and I like. It is called Team Fortress 2 (TF2). TF2 is a game where you try to kill other people. The characters are a scout, soldier, pyro, demo man, heavy, engineer, medic, sniper, and spy. I like all of the characters. They have their own special abilities. I can sometimes see my friends on TF2 and hopefully be on the same team as them. You can voice-chat if you have a premium account. Otherwise you can still type-chat. After playing TF2, we compare our records with each other.

Then we go back to playing LEGOs with my friends Seyer, Gevan, and Arnet. This is our daily routine every time we can play. Finally, we go home. We all have something to do; take a shower, read a book, play piano, etc. Sooner or later, we go to bed. I sometimes dream of the next fun days to come.