Monday, July 9, 2012

Should all U.S. students meet a single set of national proficiency standards

Should all U.S students meet one set of national proficiency standards? I believe yes. This post will explain my choice. America has been declining when it comes to academics. This is especially true in math.

Schools should have a single set of national proficiency standards. This way, all students will be held to high standards and will try to achieve them. Thus, we can encourage students to work harder and study better in school. Over time, America’s world academic ranking has dropped from number one to thirty-two. America needs high standards to make their ranking much better. If we had high standards, students would be inspired to participate in class and study so they could be well prepared for the ERB* or STAR** test.

So far the ERB and STAR test scores have been lower than usual. This is likely because many children spend an enormous amount of time playing video games or online. They are encouraged to do that from TV ads. This is also because of new technology that comes out. Students play on these new devices and will not spend enough time studying. Furthermore, if the students had a standard they would try to achieve, they would develop a habit of studying, and would spend less time on games and online. These better habits will help students do better in school.

The national proficiency standards will help “B” students earn scores such as “A” or “A+”. When these students grow up, their expectations of their own children will be high, so they can help their children do better in school. From my own experience, over the years, my ERB percentile scores has been increased from around 80% to 90%. Each year I set a goal to improve my scores.
The national proficiency standards will help America improve its world ranking. This might persuade other countries to adopt similar programs. More students can go to good colleges and get a very good education. These standards can help the students’ career when they are an adult. Therefore, I believe that all U.S. students should meet a single set of national proficiency standards. The standards help students do a lot better in school. The national proficiency standards will help make the United States
a better place.

*The ERB’s standardized tests are for independent schools
**The STAR standardized tests are for public schools

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