Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Trip To China (Part 4)

My trip to China is not totally a blast. I got the flu! At first, my mom thought it was just my allergies, but later we found out it was the flu. My symptoms on the first day were an itchy throat and some coughing. The day after that, my throat felt better but I started having pounding headaches. That is when my mom took my temperature. It was thirty-nine degrees Celsius. Normal body temperature is thirty-seven degrees Celsius.  At night, my temperature was so high, I started shivering. My mom had to put three heavy blankets on me even in the hot summer. The day after that, my mom took me to the hospital.

At the hospital, I told the doctor my symptoms, and the doctor said I had the flu. He wanted to make sure so he told my mom that I had to take a blood test. My mom agreed and we waited about ten minutes in the laboratory. One nurse came over to me and led us to the blood sampling room. I felt very anxious because I didn’t know what the procedure was. Then I saw the needle on a ring that the nurse was wearing!!! The needle was smaller than the thickness of the edge of a piece of paper. It was probably a little bit longer than the screws that hold glasses’ frames together. I was relieved. The nurse poked my ring finger and used a straw to sip out the blood. She put it in a measuring vial and asked us to wait fifteen minutes. After what seemed like an eternity (at least to me) the results came. Everything was fine except my upper respiratory system had an infection. In other words, I had the flu. The doctor prescribed some medicine and we went to the pharmacy to get it. After taking the medicine for a couple days, I was cured. This whole drama lasted ONE WEEK. What a bummer.

After that, my grandma started sneezing and my 3rd Auntie’s throat started itching. Uh Ohhhhh…


  1. I liked the part when you wrote about a nurse taking a blood sample from you. It was very detailed and nice to read. Interesting to read!