Monday, August 20, 2012

My Trip To China (Part 5)

Today I went to the Great Wall of China! Man, the site was exquisite. The Great Wall looked like an enormous dragon, zigzagging over the mountains. It is much over the wow factor on a scale of boring to infinitely impossible to be true. The Great Wall was over ten thousand miles long. It was made out of millions of big chunks of yellow stone, turning tan brown over the ages. What most amazes me is that this most famous sculpture was literally made by human hands thousands of years ago.  I felt like I had accomplished an excellent achievement standing on the Great Wall for the first time! There is a Chinese saying – 不到长城 非好汉 - Unless you climb to the top of the Great Wall, you are not a hero.

At the foot of the mountain, I couldn’t decide whether I should take the gondola up or to walk up. I figured that if I walked up, I would have to take the gondola down, because I would be too tired to walk down. However, I had to remind myself that I am afraid of riding on gondolas because I don’t want to fall. Finally, I decided to take the gondola up. When we got off the gondola I got a very good view of the Great Wall.

Wow… I have never seen that many people in one place in my whole life!! When we started our descent, an army of tourists pushed us all the way back to the tippy top. We tried to take pictures many times. It was very difficult because when we got in position, a horde of people pushed us to a different place. When I had enough of this cycle, we chose to walk beside the Great Wall, on a little pathway. This was much better. There weren’t many people on the pathway so it felt super peaceful and beautiful. After an about an hour, we had successfully climbed down the GREAT WALL of CHINA!!!

This was a life-time experience and I felt like I was a hero and was super proud. I now understand what the Chinese saying really means. 不到长城非好汉

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