Saturday, September 29, 2012

Historical Games

One thousand Nazis and seven hundred Americans hide in the forest, waiting for an order... BAM! Gunshots go off and the Americans prance out of the woods trying to secure Toulon.

This is a battle in a game I played in an after-school program. It is called Memoir '44. It is a World War 2 game that tries to recreate the war as much as possible. I am part of the AXIS team. This consists of the Japanese, Germans, and Italians. About half the people in the historical games are on the AXIS. The other side is the ALLIES. The ALLIES consist of the rest of the major countries. So far, the ALLIES have had a three year killstreak, but this year our captain, Asher, is going to change that. The AXIS are winning by two. Memoir '44's rules are complicated.

I have not won a battle yet but I haven't lost one either. On Friday I managed to tie the battle by wiping out an enemy unit. I was lucky this time because the enemy had three groups of tanks and infantry units. We only had one artillery unit and infantry units. Our artillery unit was our main hope because terrain didn't block it and it was in a town, reducing the chance of getting hit by two. It also had sandbags protecting which meant they didn't need to retreat. We killed one enemy tank with it, one infantry unit, and three infantry soldiers. One infantry unit consists of four soldiers and a tank unit consists of three tanks. The single infantry unit I wiped out made a big difference. If I didn't tie the battle, I would have let my team down.

Memoir '44 is where the action really happens.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Setting of HERO

The book HERO takes place in Manhattan and in Montauk, New York. The most action happens in Central Park where Zach fights three bad guys and a giant. Zach needs to be alone, without help, in order to discover his mysterious super powers to help himself. In Montauk, the tall grass is a big part of the setting because the crazy and mysterious Mr. Herbert can pop in and out of places without being seen. There is also the part at the beach where Zach fights the teenagers that are trying to steal their bikes. The setting can take place anywhere Zach is alone and in danger, which forces him to discover his super powers. Another setting could be in the Arizona Desert or Golden Gate Park.
Get the book "Hero" here

There Is a Book Review Series Coming

I am starting a "review summary series". It is about a boy named Zach in the book HERO by Mike Lupica. My humanities teacher wanted my class to write a paragraph on the setting. In this review series I will be writing about the setting, character, and a finally a summary about the whole book.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting My Locker

My school started on Thursday. On Friday, I got my locker. Our lockers are blue and black and for some reason have an air vent. The eighth graders got their lockers on Thursday, the seventh graders during Friday’s advisory, and we sixth graders got ours at lunch on Friday.

Before I got my locker, I had science. I got out of the classroom a little late and discovered that the line was super-duper long. Literally, the line looked like an enormous spiraling worm. I decided, I’ll eat lunch first.

After lunch, I waited about thirty minutes. I decided to check on the line. The line had not changed in length, and most of the people were still standing there not eating lunch. As I cheerfully walked down the stairs, I asked them, “why you don’t eat lunch first. The line will barely move.” They misinterpreted that and thought I was just trying to trick them so that I could get to the front of the line faster. After another thirty minutes, the line was only half way gone.

After about another fifteen minutes, I got my locker assignment. I rushed to the locker and tried to open it. At that moment I remembered I didn’t learn how to open these types of lockers. I was very frustrated because I couldn’t find anybody to help me. First I tried to put the code in by trying to push in the twisty lock. It wouldn’t open. Second, I tried the exact same thing except turning the twisty lock in different directions, but it still wouldn’t open. The last attempt was when I spun the lock in different directions without pushing in the lock, but I had no luck. I felt very depressed because I waited in that long line and still couldn’t open my locker. I was also late for Latin class.

One of my friends saw me failing every attempt and walked over to help me. He opened my locker. I looked inside, put some binders in, shut the locker, and said thank you. At that point I was already running to the Latin room. It wasn't until the next Monday that I learned how to open the lockers