Sunday, October 21, 2012

Historical Games: Overlord

In Memoir '44, there is a special way to play. It is called Overlord. In Overlord, two game boards are put together and made into one. Now the flanks are expanded in size. Overall, it is a blood fest when the games begin (not literally). In Overlord, a new position is created called, the Overlord. The Overlord is like the general of generals. The AXIS team's Overlord is Asher. He commands two other people and me. We are not allowed to look at the cards unless he gives one to us. The Overlord is allowed to give out three cards, give out two cards, or give out 1 card. He may also give one card and play one card himself or give out two and play one. It is possible to give the same person more than one card.

I controlled the left flank. My enemy general was Max. Unlucky for him, he got really bad rolls. Once I had a solo tank next to his infantry unit and he rolled three dice. The problem was, he didn't roll any tank dice. Then Asher gave me a Medics and Mechanics card, which heals the unit you play it on, and a Recon, which allows you to give one order to a unit. I healed my tanks, then I destroyed the infantry. I got a flag for our team.

Asher's strategy was to stay on defense. The opposing team had good defensive positions so we didn't want to attack them. If we forced them to go on offense, they would be crushed by our defense. We managed to tie the battle instead of winning because the enemy Overlord played air power and messed up our plan a little bit. He destroyed my second line of defense causing the front line to have little support. Later, Max got a couple of good rolls and wiped out the middle of my front line. Then he moved he soldiers through the gap and started attacking. He wiped out another unit but missed the rest. Then Asher gave me an assault card and I brought all my soldiers to Max's and surrounded him. Then I fired at them. I wiped out three units.

No matter what, in the end, a team will victoriously rise.

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