Sunday, November 4, 2012

Historical Games: The End?

Both sides are weakened but they continue to fight. In the end, history might not be altered, but is there hope for the AXIS?

In historical games, we had our last session for this semester. There was one battle worth 0.5 point, one worth one point, and Overlord which was two points. The AXIS went all out bloodshed. We terminated the enemy in the 0.5 battle, crushed the enemy in the one point battle and defeated the enemy in Overlord.

I played the one point battle and the end of Overlord. At the beginning of the session, the cumulative score was 10-12. The ALLIES had 10 points and the AXIS had 12. When I won my game, the score was 10-13. The strategy of my friends and I, worked well. We were to maneuver around forests and hills and killing soldiers from every direction. One tank unit was trapped in a forest hex and we wiped it out completely in one roll. When we won the battle, one of the AXIS generals playing Overlord got "killed" (he had to leave) so I took his place.

I killed one enemy unit and wounded another. Then one of my colleagues captured a town hex. We had won the game! The score was now 10-15. When we saw Asher smiling, we knew what he had done. He won the 0.5 point battle. The score was 10-15.5 now. We were so happy, that we started dancing, Gangnam style. I ranked up to a private first class. It is the end of Historical Games, for now...

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  1. The historical game's series were very well written. The game sounded interesting and exciting, the essays were fun to read.