Monday, November 19, 2012

Microsoft's Windows 8 Pro (very techy)

I got Microsoft's Windows 8 Pro for my Dell INSPIRON laptop a few weeks ago. I think it is better than past versions because it is more efficient and you can fit more things onto your desktop but it is more confusing than other versions.

It is all about the corners. If you move the cursor to the bottom left corner, the start menu will appear and you will need to click on it. The top left corner shows what programs you are currently running on the computer. The top and bottom right corners show the options menu which include search, share, devices, settings, and another way to get to the start menu. I think the design is pretty cool because it is easier to use, but it is still hard for me to adjust from having Microsoft's Window 7 Home Premium. It is confusing because sometimes I forget which corner does what or, when I am typing something in the search I accidentally move my mouse off the corner and I type something completely random.

Windows 8 has many different versions; Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Home, and Windows 8 Home Premium. I have the Pro version, which is used more for business but it can run most games too. Although Windows 8 is modern, sophisticated, and high tech, it can not play my most favorite computer game, Minecraft! I think the problem is that the makers of Minecraft haven't updated their product's software, so it only works for lower versions of Windows and Macs. This is a problem because Minecraft is not compatible with Windows 8.

Overall, I like Windows 8 a lot. It is cool, high tech, and fun to play with. Although this may be true, I still think there is room for improvement.

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