Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Party

My family and I hosted our annual Christmas party last Saturday evening. We invited many friends, including Arnet. My friend Seyer could not come because he had to visit his grandpa in the hospital. Although Seyer didn't come, my friends and I had a blast! We played Minecraft at the beginning of the party until it was time to eat.

Every year, the party includes a cooking contest. This year's contest was for the appetizers. Last year it was a Christmas cookie contest.

Our parents were just about to start the appetizer contest when our doorbell rang! We opened the door and jumped in joyful surprise! It was my fifth grade teacher, who was the surprise guest of the night.

We went upstairs after dinner and played hide and go seek in the dark. it was fun because you couldn't tell if someone was a shadow, or if they were the actual person. Then we got called downstairs to perform the music pieces we practiced. After playing our songs, we ran upstairs to continue our game.

All parties end and this one did too. Every one left the party at eleven, although we were planning for them to stay until two. Well, there will be other times...

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