Saturday, December 22, 2012

Humanities Project-This I Believe Essay

For humanities we had to write a This I Believe Essay. This I Believe is a world wide organization which you can submit essays for what are core values in your lives. I qualified to submit my essay and I would like to share it with you. This is my This I Believe Essay:

The Aspects of Resiliency and Persistance

I believe that if you falter or fail, you can always stand back up be, resilient, and persistent.
You could get a bad grade on a test, lose a game, or a competition. Yes, you would be extremely disappointed, frustrated and upset, but if you put that bad grade aside and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the problem you could ask yourself, why did I get this problem wrong? After you understand the problem, carefully complete and answer it. If you lose a game, you would know that the strategy would not work so you could just think of a better and improved strategy. If you lost a competition, you could always compete again except with better preparation. This behavior will help you lead the way out of the pit of failure or falter. This type of situation has happened to me.

After I just joined the swim team, I had a goal to be the best swimmer on team. However, there were kids who were faster than me. There was one kid who joined the team after me and was still quicker than me. This made me feel like I was not meeting my standards. I was disappointed but I realized, as long as I tried my best, I am still truly dedicated. In order to reach my goal, I started working on a single stroke every day following the coach’s instructions precisely. Then, I worked on my turns to make them as quick as possible. I worked on my turns ten, twenty and sometimes even hundreds of times. I felt exhausted. My body was sore and aching. There were times when I had a huge urge to stop but I resisted it and stayed strong. Eventually, I met my goal and, slowly inched my way out of the pit. I believed in myself. I believed that if you falter or fail, you can always stand back up and be resilient and persistent.

Truly, anyone can accomplish the hardest of things if they never give up. Thomas Edison, for instance, invented the light bulb. He tried hundreds of times and every time he stumbled into a pit. However, he never gave up. He always found a passage way out of the pits because he was resilient and persistent. One day, he finally succeeded and contributed one of the most useful tools to mankind.

Falter and fail does not mean disappointment, frustration, and sadness if you know how to climb out of the pit of failure. It only tells you that you are actually one less pit closer to success. I believe that if you falter or fail, you can always be resilient and be persistent.

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