Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Latin Ludi Festival

A few weeks ago, I went to the annual Latin/Roman festival at the Harker School in the Bay Area. It is a festival and contests for all the schools in the Bay Area who offer Latin as a class. This is only for middle and high school students. I am in 6th Grade, so I can participate. The tests were mythology, history, derivatives, grammar, vocabulary, and daily life. The workshops were: The Evolution of Ancient Money, What Makes Books Dangerous, Ludology of Certamen, The Philosophy of Certamen, Rapio, The Senior Classical League, Mycenae vs. Knossos, the Ancient Showdown, Gladiators, Vinco Bingo, Dux Femina Facti... or Maddened Queens, and House of Atreus.

Everyone had to choose two tests to take. I chose History and Mythology. I chose these tests because I had the most practice with them and because I like them. Although it was a long time ago, the scores came out last Friday in front of the whole middle school. I was very nervous but it turned out, I got first place in History at my level and second place in Mythology at my level! I was startled, shocked, surprised, and extremely happy and proud when I heard the good news. During the day many people congratulated me. I was proud of myself and I gained more self-confidence. It was fun to participate at the Ludi Festival and I hope to go again next year.

Ego Laeta

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