Saturday, January 26, 2013


Another season of Historical Games has begun! Now we are playing Aerodrome and Diplomacy. I like Diplomacy better because you can make alliances with other people unlike Aerodrome, where you are on one side only. The goal of Diplomacy is to capture all of the supply centers in other countries.

When the game starts, you have three supply centers. You also have two armies and one fleet. Each army and fleet starts out on a supply center. I am playing for Austria/Hungary. There are 2 turns per section in the game. The sections are called years. The two turns are the spring turn, and the fall turn. You can only capture supply centers in the fall. If you capture a supply center, you can build an army or fleet, in any of the supply centers in any unoccupied supply centers you own. If you capture 2 supply centers, you can build 2 things-so on and so forth. If you lose supply centers, then one of your armies or fleets must be taken of the board-so on and so forth. This is called the fall build.

In Diplomacy, my friend Daniel and I "allied" with Michael, one of our friends. He wanted to take out Italy but we wanted Italy too. Daniel and I agreed to take out Micheal, who was playing for Turkey. Daniel was playing for Russia. We were both adjacent to Turkey so we started taking Turkey's supply centers one by one. Daniel took the supply centers on the coast with one of his fleets, and I took one out with one of my armies. Since I also wanted Italy, I rowed my fleet to Venice and bottle necked my friend Jordan, who was playing for Italy. At the same time I captured Venice, Jordan lost one of his armies and I gained one. By that time it was the end of the day. We will continue next week...

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