Sunday, January 6, 2013


I went skiing with my Mom and Dad during the New Year's week. It was super fun. The first ski resort we went to was the Tahoe Donner Ski Resort which is located North of Lake Tahoe in California. Tahoe Donner Ski Resort is a small resort so it has very simple runs. I went there because I haven't skied since last year so I needed my muscles to get used to skiing again.

The first run I went down was called Mile Run. It was boring because Mile Run was super flat and I had to use my poles to push myself. The second run I went down was The Bowl. It was not flat but not too steep. I skied down with ease and didn't fall. I also skied down Walt's which was a very easy run. The last run I went on for the day was Fire Break. It was rated a black diamond at Tahoe Donner Ski Resort but it didn't look difficult or scary to me. I had a lot of confidence and went down by parallel zigzagging. I was proud of myself. I went back to the condo my parents rented.

The second day, we went to North Star at Tahoe. North Star was less than a twenty minute drive from where my family and I stayed. North Star is a beautiful resort but the runs are tough because the mountains are very tall and steep. It is a very nice resort because it has many up-scale restaurants, shops, and even a movie theater. The service was friendly and helpful.

The first run my Dad and I went down was Logger's Loop. It had a terrain park so we didn't like it. We tried a different run but it also had a terrain park. Later we found out that most of the runs on that particular mountain had almost all terrain parks. It was freezing cold. After the first couple of runs I couldn't feel my fingers or feet. We decided to ski on a different mountain and we went down a run named Sodergrens. We didn't realize it had so many moguls until we were half way down the slope! I liked the challenge but I felt tired because my legs were sore. My dad didn't like it at all. I continuously dodged the moguls and my dad kept falling. Eventually we got to the bottom. We were both exhausted. My Dad and I agreed to not go on that run again. We skied down the runs, Upper and Lower Pioneer, because we were familiar with them. They were fairly easy runs and my dad and I had no trouble at all.

The third day, New Years Eve, we went to North Star again. We tried different runs like Lumberjack and Lower Main Street. I also went on Upper Grouse Alley which was a black diamond. At North Star the black diamond runs are very hard and it took me two tries to go down with out falling. Upper Grouse Alley was super steep and looked very scary but the snow was groomed and not very many people were on the slopes that day. I also went down Powder Bowl. I didn't enjoy that run because I couldn't get around the moguls and I kept falling. That was the last run I did. I was very proud and happy with myself for skiing on a black diamond. My Dad said that my skiing skills have improved since last year.

On New Years Day, we went home. I hope we can go again this season...

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