Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skiing (Again!)

I went skiing with my dad again at Tahoe. I was extremely happy when I heard that we were skiing at North Star again because it is my favorite resort. We went on Friday night, March 8th, and skied on Saturday and Sunday. In skiing, the difficulty level of a slope is labeled by a color on a sign. We started out on a green run (easy) then moved on to blue runs (harder) and black runs(hardest). We did this pattern for both days because we did green runs to warm ourselves up, blue runs for the joy of skiing, and black runs to challenge ourselves. The green run we went on is named The Gulch. I thought it was strange that it was called The Gulch because the run didn't resemble a "V" shaped valley. Actually it looks like a savanna (the run was flat and had small bushes) that was coated with snow and ice. However, The Gulch also has lots of rocks in some places.

We skied mostly on blue runs. Many of the blue runs were easy for me. My dad and I had no trouble traveling down the mountain. The lifts to blue runs weren't as crowded or cold as the last time we were here. We got many blue runs in. There are hard blue runs that have many shrubs, but we skied on them anyway. The blue runs with shrubs were hard because sometimes if we weren't careful, we would hit a shrub and fall. I didn't like these runs because the shrubs often tangled your skis together when you tried to get up.

The black diamond runs are tough, brutal, and mean. If you fall, you will probably tumble another two meters before being able to sit up right. That happened to me once. However, if you don't fall, the black runs are pretty fun. The trick to not falling is to be relaxed and calm. When you go down a path and you know it is a black diamond, you are most likely scared. When you are scared, your adrenaline starts pumping through your body and making you more cautious. Caution can be good and bad. The good part is that when  you are cautious, you are aware of your surroundings. The bad part is you are not paying attention to your skis. Your ski tips might cross making you fall. This is all from experience.

We went on multiple black diamond runs and they all very fun because we didn't fall! This is the last time I will ski for the season. I hope I can go back to North Star or another challenging resort next season!

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