Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hold the Line!

Another semester of historical games has begun! Now we are playing Hold the Line. Hold the Line is a game based on the Revolutionary War. There are two sides, the British and the American. The soldier types are regular infantry, dragoons (cavalry), militia, artillery, light infantry, and elites. When you are adjacent to an enemy, you can choose close-combat or to shoot. If you choose close-combat, it takes two of your action points instead of one. However, you have a better chance of hitting the enemy. When controlling regular infantry, militia, elites, and artillery, you can move one hex each turn. If you are moving a dragoon you can move three hexes per turn and if you are moving a light troop, you can move two hexes. When shooting with regular infantry, militia, artillery, dragoons, and light infantry, you roll three dice. If you are shooting with an elite unit with a health rank three or more health, you roll four dice. The dice tell you if you hit another person.

I have played three games of Hold the Line and won them all. So far, my friend Daniel and I are the only ones that haven't lost a game of Hold the Line yet. I think I will be playing against him next week. I feel excited that I can play against my friend who probably has a strategy that is as good or better than mine. My strategy is to spread my forces out like my fencing teacher taught me. I will spread my pieces out, and as he starts to meet me in combat, I will compact my forces and bash through the thin layer of enemy forces. Then as he is continuing to come back together, I will start to move to encircle his forces.

My past strategies were attacking from both sides then chomping down on the enemies. It was very effective and was efficient. I hope I can win my battle against Daniel if I am going to battle against him next time.

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