Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

This week, March 31-April 6, I was off from school. I played with my friends Arnet and Jeevan. We played Lego's together and prepared for the Lego Zombie Apocalypse. Jeevan, Arnet, and I all had survivor groups. Arnet and Jeevan's groups were the largest. They were the first to be attacked by Lego zombies.

Jeevan's base got destroyed and many of his Lego people died.  Arnet's base was overrun by zombies. I had to run to his aid and help get the remaining people away from the infected base. Many of Arnet's people died and became zombies, or got bitten and had to have amputations. Eventually, almost everyone was crippled or dead in Arnet's group. Only my group was unharmed because they were experienced fighters from the Old Lego Wars.

After fighting and defending against the zombies, other Lego people started taking advantages of zombies attacking us. Jeevan's miniscule army was wounded again and again, and I had to defend Arnet's army constantly. Since my group was small, I could only defend one ally at a time. After Lego hours of fighting the zombies ceased to come. Many people were sprawled on the floor because they were tired and sore.

I had a fun Spring Break and I cannot wait till Summer Break which is three months long!

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