Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Aerodrome Tournament

Veeeeer! Planes explode in the air as enemies shoot each other down. Planes catch on fire and their elevation cables snap. The planes in World War I are fighting to the death. I was at the Aerodrome tournament. This was my first time there. I played two rounds. Each round consists of two games. My school, Bentley School, played against the Sunnyvale Middle School. They were very good. I lost two games and tied two games.

At the beginning, it was very loud and was hard to hear people who were talking to me. As soon as the game began, the crowd was silenced. Our hearts were pounding. As I was flying, I tried shooting people down. I succeeded in shooting enemies and wounding them but not killing them. Then I ran out of ammo and tried running off the board. One of my opponents saw me and blasted me from behind. It was irritating  The second game of the first round, I almost got a kill and a bunch of points. The problem was, I lost the kill to friend Max, who stole the kill from me. The third game was awesome! I got a kill on my own. However, I ran out of bullets so I couldn't continue. I flew off the board. The fourth time, we tied and nothing special really happened.

Sadly, we lost the Aerodrome competition but it was good to be there. I gained lots of experience and I hope to go again next time!

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