Saturday, May 18, 2013

Apple vs. Microsoft

Many people are arguing about whether Apple is better, or Microsoft is better. I don't think you can argue. Apple is a hardware and software company. Microsoft is a computer software company. They sell products that make computers work! We can only compare them based on their software.

Personally, I think Microsoft's software is better. When you buy a Mac with the new Mountain Lion or other type of software, it doesn't come with much productive software. Just Finder and Safari and the Trash Bin (possibly more I have forgotton). When you buy a PC with Microsoft software, it comes with File Explorer, Internet Explorer, and the Recycle Bin. Very similar.     However, when you run things or download things, Apple software makes it more complicated than it should be. I am not trying to discourage you about buying Apple products.

An example of how downloading things is harder on Mac's is Minecraft. When you want to download Modifications, or Mods for short, you have to find Libraries, then find Minecraft.jar, then unarchive the java script, then unarchive the Mod into a folder, copy  the info into the Minecraft.jar folder, then log in to minecraft. With Windows, you just drag the folder into the already un-archived Minecraft folder, then you are done. There are more steps for the Mac. This goes for many things.

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