Saturday, May 11, 2013

Portal Party

On April 28, Sunday, I will go to a Portal party my friend Aidan hosted. Portal is a fun video game that requires you to claim a "portal gun". You must use the "portal gun" to make your way through many test chambers to defeat the final boss, Glados. During the game, you will start to unravel secrets. Therefore, the game is less confusing as time goes on. In the game, everybody is a robot except you. The storyline is...

You wake up in a bedroom, but instead of getting up to get breakfast, you have a robot knock on your door. You get up and open it. A tiny robot, Wheatley, who hangs on the ceiling comes in to tell you it is time for exercise and arts class. He leaves the room and you are left alone. A voice comes on. It screeches, "When the buzzer goes off, look down." You look down. Then the voice continues, "Now look up when the buzzer goes off." You look up. "Perfect. Now stare at the painting on the wall. When you feel like you are well exercised and have learned about art go back to sleep." You go back to sleep.

When you wake up again, everything is broken and run down. The lights aren't working and an alarm is on. Wheatley barges in without knocking and says, "I'm gonna move your room. Tell them, the last time you saw the other test subjects they were fine." Then the room starts moving, and the walls and ceiling collapse. You look and there is a humongous iron sliding door in front of you. Wheatley announces, "I am going to open the door, hold on tight!" The door screams as it opens and as the room goes through, the room shudders. You jump off and land on cement but you are fine. That is when the testing really begins...

You get a primary portal gun, which can only shoot one portal at a time. Then the testing elevator rises and you step in. The first level is easy, a few portals and you are done, but as you go on, the levels get harder and harder.

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