Sunday, June 30, 2013

At Walt Disney World Resort Part 2

The second day at the Walt Disney World Resort, I went to the Magic Kingdom. It looks EXACTLY like Disney Land in California. The Magic Kingdom is split up into "Lands". The Magic Kingdom includes Tomorrowland (my favorite), Frontierland (my second favorite), Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Main Street. Main Street has a plentiful amount of shops and Fantasyland has a bunch of Princess related stuff. Adventureland theme is more Tarzan or Pirates of the Caribbean style. Frontierland's theme is centered around the Wild West. Tomorrowland's theme is "more future and Buzz Light Year" themed.

Tomorrowland  and Frontierland have the most rides of the "Lands". I enjoyed Tomorrowland's rides better because they are more intense and wild than Frontierland's rides. Tomorrowland has two rides that I really enjoyed. They are Space Mountain and a Go Cart Track. My dad and I went on Space Mountain twice! However, the first time was more exciting because I didn't know what to expect. The second time was more predictable. We got into the roller coaster and it slid into a long tube. Blue Lights started flashing and I couldn't even see my hands in front of me. BLECH! I don't like those effects because it is very bright but you still can't see. There was a whirring noise that steadily grew louder and louder. Click. We shot off on to the main track. There were cool lights and stars that shined everywhere. You could even see a galaxy. The ride was short considering the two hour wait. Then, we went to Frontierland.

At Frontierland, We went on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mining Co. Express. Splash Mountain is based on the a Disney Movie, "The Song of the South" and it has lots of drops. We climbed up a very steep hill for about three minutes then stopped. I looked down and saw a Briar Patch. I raised my hands and shouted, "AHHHHHHHH!!" The boat was free-falling like a skydiver jumping off a plane. It was a thrill, I mean the BIG THRILL. Big Thunder Mining Co. Express went supper fast and had many sudden turns. We climbed up a mineshaft  Chugchugchugchug. Creak. Veeeeeeeeew. We raised our hands up in the air again! It went so fast my eyes started to water. It was exhilarating!

After Frontierland, it was getting dark and there was a Light Parade and fireworks at Main Street.   We saw lots and lots of Disney Characters who were on floats that were covered with lights. We saw a bunch of princesses, Peter Pan, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and more! The fireworks were beautiful and spectacular. It lit up the entire sky. They looked so close as you could touch them!! After the Parade I went back to Tomorrowland to go on the Go Cart Track. It was about one o'clock in the morning when we got back to the hotel. I was exhausted but had a blast.

The third day at the Walt Disney World Resort, I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. There is only one ride that I thought was intriguing. It is Midway Mania. It is a 3D shooting game based on Toy Story. You get 3D glasses and get to shoot little targets on a screen. It was super exciting. Compared to the other parks, Hollywood Studios is quite small. It was extremely hot. That day we decided to go back to the hotel earlier than normal and rest.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

At Walt Disney World Resort Part 1

The first day we were at the Walt Disney World Resort, we went to the Animal Kingdom and the Blizzard Beach Water Park. At the Animal Kingdom, we saw Asian tigers and monkeys. The Asians tigers were sleeping but seemed very majestic. The monkeys were funny. I saw them swing from rope to rope (they were on an island with no trees). They also went hoo hoo hahaa just like in the cartoons.

I also went on a water ride at the animal kingdom. However I didn't get as wet as I wanted to,so I was disappointed. It was an eighty minute wait and I was really looking forward to getting wet. I got in the raft with my dad and six others, and it started to go up a ramp. Tinktinktinktintktink splash! We landed in the water. Then we spun in circles downward and went back up another ramp. Finally, a steep drop. I hung on as we tumbled into the water, Splash! My shirt got wet. Then elephant statues squirted water at us. Eventually, we went around a turn and got off.

Then, I went on one of Walt Disney's new rides, Yeti Mountain. On the ad, it said that you were on a runaway train in the Himalayas. I was very excited however, the wait was two hours long. We got on the "train" and pulled the safety bars down. Then, the "train" started to move. As we started to go up, I gripped the safety bar very tightly because I am a tiny bit afraid of heights. Then we reached the top. I looked around but there was no drop. Next, we went into a dark and spooky cave. Eventually, we saw light in front of us. It was a dead end. The tracks were mangled and broken. We stopped moving. I thought the ride was broken and my heart started pounding faster. Then, we started going backwards at full speed. We all raised our hands and screamed. The sound of the wind whizzing past my ears sounded like a sonic boom. VOOOOOOOOO.  I retracted my arms from the sky, and held on for dear life. Everyone else did the same. WUBWUBWUB. We suddenly stopped. I went, "Oof" as my back hit the seat-back.

Suddenly, there were squeaking noises, and we saw the shadow of the Yeti tearing up fake tracks. At first it terrified me. Then, the drop we were waiting for, happened. As we were turning, there was a creak, and then a whoosh, as the train free-fell at an eighty degree angle. Then, we pulled up and did a couple of twirls. Eventually it slowed down dramatically. We came to a stop and had to get off. I jumped off and took my fast pass out. I said, "Lets go again!"

I went to the Water Park on the same day. However, I couldn't go on any of the slides because of a thunder storm. It was pouring so badly that I saw a guy's umbrella collapse under the rain. The wind is howling. Fwoosh. The wind blew in our ears. People were scrambling to get inside. Then CRABAM lightning and thunder joined the rain and caused more panic. My family and I quickly went back to our resort and dried off. Wow! What a day!

Going to Walt Disney World

On Friday June 7th, I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my parents. I was so excited! I woke up, got dressed as fast as I could, and brought my bag downstairs. Our flight was extremely early in the morning so we had to get up at 4:00 A.M. Therefore, I was very tired. I placed my bag in the trunk of my dad's car. I jumped into the car and ate breakfast which my mom had brought in the car. However, I wasn't that hungry.

I dozed for a while in the car, but as we got near the San Francisco Airport, I was filled with energy and joy because I was very excited to finally get on the plane and fly to Orlando. We flew JetBlue. We checked into our flight, then headed towards security. The line at the security station was bad, considering that it was around 6:00 A.M. After security, we headed towards our gate. We waited for about thirty minutes then boarded the airplane.

One of the advantages of flying JetBlue is that the seats are equipped with individual TV's, so naturally we took out our earphones and watched TV.We eventually arrived at JFK International Airport, where we would board another JetBlue airplane and arrive at Orlando International Airport. There was terrible weather at New York so many flights were backed up. Therefore, we had to wait an extra forty minutes.

I watched Cartoon Network on the way to Orlando. I watched Tom and Jerry, and the Looney Tunes Show. I have watched Tom and Jerry since I was very little, but I still enjoy it tremendously. I find it hilarious and very entertaining. The Looney Tunes Show is a new series. I also find it hilarious and very entertaining.

At last, we arrived at Orlando. We took our luggage and went on Disney's Magical Express to Port Orleans Riverside Resort. We arrived at our resort at 10:00 P.M. I took a shower, and fell asleep...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Santa Catalina Island Field Trip Part 3

The last day, I went kayaking again with another friend of mine, Nichos. After kayaking for about ten minutes, a counselor shouted SPLISHY SPLASHY TIME. We used paddles to push other boats away from ours. When one group fell into the water after being bombarded by water, Nichos immediately jumped onto their boat. Since our first boat was the SS Banana, because it resembled a banana, our hijacked ship became the SS Banana II. We now were twice as deadly if we attacked. Nichos and I rammed into another groups boat. They capsized because of sheer force! We allied with the SS Speed and tripled on a teacher's boat. We tried a pincer move but failed, because our teacher back paddled. We decided to attack the other boats. As we rammed into boat after boat, we got new enemies who chased after us. We were soon surrounded. We couldn't paddle as fast individually as we could together, so Nichos did a leap of faith back onto my boat. As I paddled, Nichos pushed the surrounding boats away. We survived without capsizing, leaving the other boats facing in awkward directions. I felt like we were pirates! I thought Nichos and I were a very good team. I had a blast on the last day. However, I had to leave...

We got on a fishing boat and waved goodbye to the camp director. Then to our surprise, when we turned around, we saw that our counselors were actually on board! We got apples, chips, and sandwiches for lunch. I ate my lunch while the boat was in motion so I didn't have a happy ride. I borrowed some motion sickness reliever from my friend Andres. I took a pill and felt better after a little bit. However, not everyone looked well. Some people were lying on the floor and some were on the tables and some were on the seats. It seemed like everyone was seasick. A few people went and stuck their heads over the water. Finally, we docked at Long Beach. We took a short bus ride to the airport. Our plane arrived at the Long Beach Airport shortly after my friends and I finished playing a game of Yahtzee. The plane ride was not very good. I ordered hot tea and set it on the table. Then, there was a sudden bump of turbulence, and the cup fell over! I retreated as far back as I could from the cup, but some of the steaming hot tea still got on me. It was very painful. Soon after, we got off the plane. We all ran to our parents to say hello. Bye Bye Catalina, Hello Home!

I wish we could have stayed longer. Next year we are going to Pinnacles National Park in Central California
and I hope I have even more fun there!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Santa Catalina Island Field Trip Part 2

The second full day at Catalina Island, I went hiking and kayaking. Hiking was considerably boring because we didn't see anything but cactus. We had to be very careful not to prick ourselves. Our counselor carried a machete to chop up dangerous shrubs that were blocking us. I think the highlight of hiking was going down steep hills with ropes. It was sort of like zip lining with our feet on the ground. We went one by one, each one with their own speed and strategy to get down. I, sadly, was last in line, but got to watch people go down. Sometimes it was amusing, sometimes it was pointless, but eventually, it got to me. I looked down and grabbed hold of the thick rope. I leaned back, and went down. I dodged and jumped over cacti and prickly flowers. After leaping over an exceptionally large patch of cacti, I stumbled and slid a couple of feet. I grabbed hold of the rope just in time. I was about to fall when I reached backwards and my fingers gripped the rope. The rest of the way was less steep and I had no trouble at all.

I also went kayaking. Kayaking was definitely not boring. Kayaking was my favorite activity. We sat on open-legged, yellow, two person kayaks. My partner was Daniel. As we sat on the kayak, a wave was slowly building up. We got our paddles, and were launched. We went right through the wave, soaking us from head to toe.  We paddled as far as possible from the shore, trying not to get washed onto the beach. We kayaked to the pod of kayaks, where we all gathered. Our boat was called the SS Barracuda. We paddled ahead of the main clump near the front, where all the fast kayakers were. Then, the SS Sharpoon zoomed towards us and we had to swerve to avoid a collision.

Suddenly, a counselor yelled, "SPLISHY SPLASHY TIME!" We jumped off our boat and into the cold ocean. We swam to the nearest other boat, the SS Mollusk, and grabbed hold of their boat. We capsized them and they were left with an upside down boat. As we were trying to get back on our boat, the crew of the SS Mollusk wanted revenge. They swam behind our boat and pulled. We rolled back into the ocean, and our boat was floating upside down. We didn't have enough strength to get it up right, so we climbed on the belly and stood up. At least it was sunny. Suddenly, everyone said, "Chicken Fight". The goal is to knock the other person into the water. I jumped up and my partner toppled back into the water. We tried one more attempt to right the boat and it worked. We got on to find that our paddles had floated away. As everyone else in the group was paddling back to camp, we started back to camp without our paddles. We laid on our stomachs, and as Daniel kicked, I paddled with my hands. Eventually, we were left behind, and we got into the water and both kicked. However, luck was on our side. A counselor rescued us and tied our kayak to their's. The other counselors found our paddles and gave them to us. Daniel and I zoomed back ahead of the rest of the boats which had headed in the wrong direction. We saw a sea lion pop up in front of our boat, look at us, then swim under us. We looked at the water, saw the sea lion, felt a bump in the boat, then the sea lion was gone. We landed on the beach first, and had to help carry the heavy kayaks onto the wet beach.