Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going to Walt Disney World

On Friday June 7th, I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my parents. I was so excited! I woke up, got dressed as fast as I could, and brought my bag downstairs. Our flight was extremely early in the morning so we had to get up at 4:00 A.M. Therefore, I was very tired. I placed my bag in the trunk of my dad's car. I jumped into the car and ate breakfast which my mom had brought in the car. However, I wasn't that hungry.

I dozed for a while in the car, but as we got near the San Francisco Airport, I was filled with energy and joy because I was very excited to finally get on the plane and fly to Orlando. We flew JetBlue. We checked into our flight, then headed towards security. The line at the security station was bad, considering that it was around 6:00 A.M. After security, we headed towards our gate. We waited for about thirty minutes then boarded the airplane.

One of the advantages of flying JetBlue is that the seats are equipped with individual TV's, so naturally we took out our earphones and watched TV.We eventually arrived at JFK International Airport, where we would board another JetBlue airplane and arrive at Orlando International Airport. There was terrible weather at New York so many flights were backed up. Therefore, we had to wait an extra forty minutes.

I watched Cartoon Network on the way to Orlando. I watched Tom and Jerry, and the Looney Tunes Show. I have watched Tom and Jerry since I was very little, but I still enjoy it tremendously. I find it hilarious and very entertaining. The Looney Tunes Show is a new series. I also find it hilarious and very entertaining.

At last, we arrived at Orlando. We took our luggage and went on Disney's Magical Express to Port Orleans Riverside Resort. We arrived at our resort at 10:00 P.M. I took a shower, and fell asleep...

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