Sunday, June 2, 2013

Santa Catalina Island Field Trip Part 2

The second full day at Catalina Island, I went hiking and kayaking. Hiking was considerably boring because we didn't see anything but cactus. We had to be very careful not to prick ourselves. Our counselor carried a machete to chop up dangerous shrubs that were blocking us. I think the highlight of hiking was going down steep hills with ropes. It was sort of like zip lining with our feet on the ground. We went one by one, each one with their own speed and strategy to get down. I, sadly, was last in line, but got to watch people go down. Sometimes it was amusing, sometimes it was pointless, but eventually, it got to me. I looked down and grabbed hold of the thick rope. I leaned back, and went down. I dodged and jumped over cacti and prickly flowers. After leaping over an exceptionally large patch of cacti, I stumbled and slid a couple of feet. I grabbed hold of the rope just in time. I was about to fall when I reached backwards and my fingers gripped the rope. The rest of the way was less steep and I had no trouble at all.

I also went kayaking. Kayaking was definitely not boring. Kayaking was my favorite activity. We sat on open-legged, yellow, two person kayaks. My partner was Daniel. As we sat on the kayak, a wave was slowly building up. We got our paddles, and were launched. We went right through the wave, soaking us from head to toe.  We paddled as far as possible from the shore, trying not to get washed onto the beach. We kayaked to the pod of kayaks, where we all gathered. Our boat was called the SS Barracuda. We paddled ahead of the main clump near the front, where all the fast kayakers were. Then, the SS Sharpoon zoomed towards us and we had to swerve to avoid a collision.

Suddenly, a counselor yelled, "SPLISHY SPLASHY TIME!" We jumped off our boat and into the cold ocean. We swam to the nearest other boat, the SS Mollusk, and grabbed hold of their boat. We capsized them and they were left with an upside down boat. As we were trying to get back on our boat, the crew of the SS Mollusk wanted revenge. They swam behind our boat and pulled. We rolled back into the ocean, and our boat was floating upside down. We didn't have enough strength to get it up right, so we climbed on the belly and stood up. At least it was sunny. Suddenly, everyone said, "Chicken Fight". The goal is to knock the other person into the water. I jumped up and my partner toppled back into the water. We tried one more attempt to right the boat and it worked. We got on to find that our paddles had floated away. As everyone else in the group was paddling back to camp, we started back to camp without our paddles. We laid on our stomachs, and as Daniel kicked, I paddled with my hands. Eventually, we were left behind, and we got into the water and both kicked. However, luck was on our side. A counselor rescued us and tied our kayak to their's. The other counselors found our paddles and gave them to us. Daniel and I zoomed back ahead of the rest of the boats which had headed in the wrong direction. We saw a sea lion pop up in front of our boat, look at us, then swim under us. We looked at the water, saw the sea lion, felt a bump in the boat, then the sea lion was gone. We landed on the beach first, and had to help carry the heavy kayaks onto the wet beach.

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