Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Santa Catalina Island Field Trip Part 3

The last day, I went kayaking again with another friend of mine, Nichos. After kayaking for about ten minutes, a counselor shouted SPLISHY SPLASHY TIME. We used paddles to push other boats away from ours. When one group fell into the water after being bombarded by water, Nichos immediately jumped onto their boat. Since our first boat was the SS Banana, because it resembled a banana, our hijacked ship became the SS Banana II. We now were twice as deadly if we attacked. Nichos and I rammed into another groups boat. They capsized because of sheer force! We allied with the SS Speed and tripled on a teacher's boat. We tried a pincer move but failed, because our teacher back paddled. We decided to attack the other boats. As we rammed into boat after boat, we got new enemies who chased after us. We were soon surrounded. We couldn't paddle as fast individually as we could together, so Nichos did a leap of faith back onto my boat. As I paddled, Nichos pushed the surrounding boats away. We survived without capsizing, leaving the other boats facing in awkward directions. I felt like we were pirates! I thought Nichos and I were a very good team. I had a blast on the last day. However, I had to leave...

We got on a fishing boat and waved goodbye to the camp director. Then to our surprise, when we turned around, we saw that our counselors were actually on board! We got apples, chips, and sandwiches for lunch. I ate my lunch while the boat was in motion so I didn't have a happy ride. I borrowed some motion sickness reliever from my friend Andres. I took a pill and felt better after a little bit. However, not everyone looked well. Some people were lying on the floor and some were on the tables and some were on the seats. It seemed like everyone was seasick. A few people went and stuck their heads over the water. Finally, we docked at Long Beach. We took a short bus ride to the airport. Our plane arrived at the Long Beach Airport shortly after my friends and I finished playing a game of Yahtzee. The plane ride was not very good. I ordered hot tea and set it on the table. Then, there was a sudden bump of turbulence, and the cup fell over! I retreated as far back as I could from the cup, but some of the steaming hot tea still got on me. It was very painful. Soon after, we got off the plane. We all ran to our parents to say hello. Bye Bye Catalina, Hello Home!

I wish we could have stayed longer. Next year we are going to Pinnacles National Park in Central California
and I hope I have even more fun there!

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