Saturday, July 13, 2013

At Walt Disney World Resort Part 3

1 epcot spaceship earth 2010a.JPGThe third day at the Walt Disney World Resort, I went to Epcot, which is a park that has a huge dome in the center. It represents human achievement throughout the ages. The dome also contains a ride that lets you create your own "future". I went on that ride and it was very fascinating. It told you about history and how everything led to something else in the future. It was like one of the Connections videos that you can watch on Netflix (other movie rentals available). I also went on Test Track.

Test Track is a ride where you design your own car! It is "raced" against the cars that Chevrolet has. Chevrolet has these blue cars that you get to ride in and they go about sixty miles per hour. It was fantastic. We went first thing in the morning to Epcot. When we got to the Test Track building, there was a two hour wait, so we decided to get a fast-pass before they ran out. While we  were waiting for it to be 2:00, the time for our fast-pass, we went on a ride called Mission Space: Orange. It was an intense Space simulation.

I waited in line with my dad. When it was our turn, we got into a tiny compartment. There were buttons that you got to press when they lit up. We pulled down the safety bar and the compartment started to spin. I got very dizzy at the beginning but I got better after a few minutes. The mission was to go to "Mars". We would "launch" off "Earth" and slingshot off the "Moon", then we would be put in "hyper-sleep" and wake up to use the manual controls to land. We lifted off and I got dizzy and almost threw-up. I closed my eyes and my dad told me when to press the buttons. Ugh. It was a nasty feeling. I would have liked the ride if I wasn't nauseous. After Mission Space: Orange, we headed towards Soarin' which was a simulation of flying over California.

We waited and waited and waited. Then, a person who worked at the Walt Disney Resort told us to stand on a number. We went through a door in to a dark but giant room with a lot of ski lifts. We pulled down the safety bar and we went up towards a white dome. Music started playing and felt like we were birds flying over California. It was great! I was sad that the ride was over, but it was time for us to go to Test Track.

Test Track attraction sign.JPGI built a white car that had almost no responsiveness, but was super quick and it failed. Therefore, I built another car that was fast and had responsiveness and was super quick too. It was very good. Then, we went on one of Chevrolet's car's and it was so cool. We went up to 60 miles per hour!

Sadly, the next day we had to leave and I had to say goodbye to Walt Disney World. I hope I can go again. However, the day we left we went to Kennedy Space Center and saw cool rocket ships.

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