Sunday, July 21, 2013

Six Flags:Discovery Kingdom

Aghhhhhhh! Rumble Rumble Rumble! The sound of screams of terror mixed with shouts of delight create an unnerving Aieeeeee! That's exactly what it sounds like at Six Flags. It is loud and noisy, but also extremely fun! Roller coasters are all over the park and that is why Samantha and I went there. As Samantha's dad drove into the parking lot, we saw three roller coasters that stood-out. They were, the Medusa, Superman:Ultimate Flight, and Kong. The Medusa is a roller coaster with an extreme amount of  loop-the-loops.
The description that we heard was, " You go up a hill, stop, then zoom down. Then you go back up and are upside down most of the time." We instantly agreed not to go on that ride at all. Superman is a red and blue roller coaster that went backwards and forwards. It also has ninety degree angle drops, so Samantha and I obviously didn't go on it. Kong sounded fun, but last year, Samantha kinked her neck on that ride so we avoided Kong.

We went on Cobra first. It is a mild ride that was very quick but very short. We just did that to get in to the roller coaster mood. Since we got platinum flash passes, we didn't have to wait in line, we got to choose our seat, and we got to ride two consecutive times without getting off. It was fabulous. We rode Cobra twice.

Next, we rode Sky Screamer, which is a ride where you are in chairs hanging 150 feet off the ground swinging in circles. The first time, I was freakishly scared, but the second time was okay. The first time, I held on for dear life. I was holding the bar so hard that if I held it any longer, I would have crushed it. However, if I didn't hold on, I probably would have passed out. LOL.

After Sky Screamer, we went on Roar! Roar is a giant wooden roller coaster that is very rickety and fun. We got in the roller coaster and headed on our way.  Tin Tin Tin Tin. Whoosh. We swept across the rails as we rolled towards the bottom of the hill. It wasn't very terrifying for us, but everything was moving too fast. Both of our brains were shaking around. Samantha and I had major headaches on the ride but when we got off and rubbed our heads, we felt better.

Then we went to a picnic to eat. Delicious. The food was great. I had three chicken wings, one chicken breast, and one hot dog. I also had two cups f lemonade and one ice cream bar. Samantha and I  decided to take it easy and go on Monsoon Falls. It was possibly the shortest ride there! There is a ride up, then a fall, then a splash!! The splash was the best part because no matter what, you would still get wet. If you wore a poncho, you would still be doomed to be soaked through from head to toe.

We walked towards White Water Rapids. It was an okay ride but we didn't get very wet. I think the best part about the ride (if you don't get wet) is to see other people get wet, because everyone laughs and has a jolly good time. Then we went on all of our favorite rides, Roar, Cobra, and Sky Screamer, again before leaving.

It was very late and we had a fantastic time. We rode a lot of fun roller coasters and it was awesome!!

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