Saturday, August 3, 2013

From Disney World to Key Largo

After four days of riding roller coasters at Disney World, My Mom, Dad, and I drove to Miami to stay for the night. I missed Disney World, but I was sure that I was going to have a blast at Miami. I was wrong. It ended up being a boring place that had a beach with white sand. What was so special about that? The streets were crowded, the lights were bright, and it was plain noisy. I didn't like it at all. I was glad to go back to the hotel at Miami, where I could huddle around my iPad and play. I forget about all the boring things for the rest the night. Then, I placed my iPad on the nightstand, and fell asleep.

Then, we continued to Key Largo. The journey to Key Largo was exciting. My parents told me that Key Largo was much more fun than Miami. They were right! Even the road trip to Key Largo was fun. We saw lots of boats and the Atlantic Ocean was very calm. Once we entered Key Largo, we saw many palm trees. I wondered if Hawaii was like Key Largo. We drove by a boat storage place. There were boats of all sizes that were placed high and low. It was cool. Then, we drove by tons of Wendy's (eventually, we started eating Wendy's there because it was convenient). We went to the hotel and it was tropical like. There were separate little one room cottages where peopled stayed instead of one giant sky scraper (there were no skyscrapers in Key Largo or any of the Keys).

There are kayaks and peddle-boats at the resort. The day we got to Key Largo we got in white kayaks that were very wobbly. I was wearing a black and orange swimsuit. I also had a black and white paddle. I strapped on a orange life jacket that went over my white shirt. KASPLOOSH, KASPLOOSH. The kayaks were wobbly but fun to use. It was getting dark so we went back inside and grabbed a game of Sorry for us to play. Sorry went on forever, so we decided to stop. It was another awesome day in Florida!

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