Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Kennedy Space Center

On the way to Key Largo, we stopped off at Kennedy Space Center. It is a museum/rocket building/launching center. It was EXTREMELY AWESOME. We saw lots of the original space crafts and I even got to touch a moon rock! We parked in the gravelly parking lot and trudged in the
heat to the air conditioned buildings. NO! We have to wait in line outside for the tickets. At least is was under the shade. Hurrah, we get to go inside. We go through the security station and walk into the building. We walk out the other side and I gasp. Whoa. Five space ships, original and models. All were standing proud and tall in what was the Spaceship Garden. It was incredible.

First, we walked around the "garden" then we moved on to the bus tours. We took a few pictures and got on the bus. We watched documentaries and videos of lift offs. We stopped a couple of times to see manatees and alligators in the tiny river on the side of the road. One alligator was even crossing the road! I had a blast. 

As we got off the bus, we went into a waiting room. They had pictures of explorers and little film clips. There was even a clip from the original Star Trek! Then, we went in a Launch Room. The Launch Room we were in was the actual launch room where they directed the first people to go to the moon on Saturn V. The lights turned down and voices were on speakers. Launch in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Thrust Engaged... and we have LIFT OFF!!! The windows turned red and the room shook. It was simulating what happened when Saturn V launched.

Finally, we went to the last room ,which turned out to be huge. It had original space ships and models. They had the Saturn V which took up more than three quarters off the room! They had a moon rock that you could touch! In a tiny little room off to the side, they had astronaut suits and Lunar Samples in cases. It was exciting! After we saw everything, we decided to leave and continue to Key Largo.

The Kennedy Space Center was unbelievably cool.

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