Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back To School!

Another year of school has begun!

I bring my heavy backpack up the hill to where the classrooms are. I wave to all my friends who seem to have equally bulging backpacks that seem ready to explode. At least I have a rolling backpack. I look for my friends Daniel and Michael. I walk and see some kindergartners screaming and running around while others are pouting because they don't want their parents to leave. Then, I go to advisory and go through elective rotations.

The next day, we are getting our lockers! This time, we get our lockers second, instead of last. I wait in line and jump and spin in circles because I have so much energy. When it is my turn, I look left and right trying to find a middle locker. I am getting desperate as I am getting near the end of the lockers. I still can't find a locker in the middle row. Alas! When I thought all hope was lost I find the perfect locker.

I place a pink sticky note on it to mark that it is mine and rush back to get its combo. I tried it out, but a teacher comes and tells me that it is broken. NO! All my hope is gone as I remove my sticky note from the locker and look up to see if any lockers on the top row are open. WOO! There is a locker on the top row that isn't taken yet.

I place the sticky note on it and sprint to get the combo. It works! I try again to double check. Success! I triple check. I was triumphant! I confirmed my locker decision and shove all of my unneeded binders into it. I dance around and high five my friends who also have lockers.  By coincidence, my locker is in the same column as the locker I had last year. However, since it is a top locker, it has more room,  but is harder to open because I have to stand on my tip-toes.

I finally calm down after the exciting moment of getting my locker and go to my next class. I imagine my locker saying Bon-Voyage to me after I venture into the realms of math class.

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