Sunday, October 6, 2013


On Saturday, I went to my friend Bobby's house for a barbecue. Bobby's parents invited my family, along with the familys' of my friends Arnet, Carla, and Nicole. We had a wonderful time.

While Bobby was playing Modern Combat on his iPad and Carla watching a movie on her iPhone, Nicole, Arnet, and I went to the park. It was a nice cool day with a small breeze. It made me feel exhilerated. The three of us climbed a tree. Nicole freaked out because she was scared that she was going to fall, so we told her to climb down.

Ironically, she didn't want to climb down even though she was scared. We told her to sit on a branch near her because she wouldn't fall as easily. Then, Arnet and I continued to climb up. When we were talking, we heard little kids frantically running away because they thought the tree was speaking. Arnet and I laughed so hard we were afraid we would fall off. So, we climbed down.

Next, we played Sandman. Sandman is a game where there is a person who is the Sandman. The Sandman is a person who wants to tag someone. The Sandman can open his or her eyes on the ground, but cannot on the play structure. If the Sandman, however, is on the play structure and a person is on the ground, the Sandman can yell, "SANDMAN!" and the person on the ground will be it.

Nicole tagged Arnet. While I was struggling to get off of the monkey bars near the play structure, he jumped up and tagged me. I was annoyed because I normally never get tagged in Sandman. Now I was it. I rushed up the stairs. They ran to the bottem of the slide and had no place to go but on the ground. Exactly what I wanted.

I slowly tramped forward and I stopped. My eyes were closed so I couldn't see what was happening. However, the slide started vibrating and I knew someone had jumped of the slide onto ground. I yelled, "SANDMAN!" I heard a little "Aww" so I opened my eyes. Nicole was it! However, we had to go in to eat.

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