Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Truly Christmas Special!

I rush down to the television, hop onto the couch, then turn on the TV with the silver and black remote. I fumble with the buttons when I switch to channel 810. I turn to channel 810 just in time for the Doctor Who Christmas special. Doctor Who is a BBC Sci-Fi TV series I have been watching from the first episode. I press the "info" button on the remote and the episode's name pops up. It is The Time of the 
Doctor. I am extremely excited because I was waiting for this special episode to come out for a while. At the same time, I am sad because in this episode, there is going to be a new actor that will replace Matt Smith. He is my favorite Doctor because he is extremely hilarious and he thinks bow ties are cool. I totally agree with him. The new actor is Peter Capaldi. I hope he is as good as Matt Smith or even better.

The Christmas special is exhilarating and cliff-hanging. It is breath taking and goose-bump-rising sometimes, but makes you laugh at other times. It is also super sad at one part, and it almost made me cry (spoilers if I tell you). I think one of the funniest parts is when the Doctor gets transported to a Dalek ship with a Dalek visor in his hand. The episode features past, but not as scary enemies, such as Daleks and Cybermen, to past scary enemies that can make you turn off the TV and hide under your bed sheets, such as Weeping Angels. Daleks are creatures that the Time Lords fought in the Time Wars. Cybermen are humans whose brains have been put in metal suits and removed of all emotions and past memories. Their main goal is to "convert/upgrade" the universe.

Besides Vashta Neradas, Weeping Angels are perhaps the scariest creatures in Doctor Who that you will ever hear about. They are quantum-locked inside statues and have the best defense mechanism in the universe. When you look at them, they become stone, but if you look away, they move unbelievably fast. If they touch you, you are sent back in time. They let you live your life out in a peaceful way. Their self-defense mechanism is also their weakness. If two or more Weeping Angels are looking at each other, then they can never move. That is why they cover their eyes, which makes them look like they are weeping. They are terrifying and make you shudder when you hear the name.

I think this episode almost topped the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who special. I can't wait for new episodes to come out. The Christmas special has tons of special effects. There are giant spaceships in space and shooting energy beams at everyone and electric hands and the whole nine yards. They even have a turkey! There was also a very sudden moment when they say the planet is Trenzalore (spoilers if I tell you the importance).

IT IS AWESOME! If you have never seen Doctor Who, I strongly recommend the series to everyone who loves Sci-Fi.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Good with dinner)

Mmmmm! The smell of turkey is wafting into my nose. I wait for my friend Daniel to arrive for our Thanksgiving party at 4:00 pm. I wait and wait and wait. Finally, it is 4:33 and Ding, the doorbell rings! I sigh with tremendous relief, jump down the stairs, and run to the door. I fumble with the lock and handle and barely manage to open the door. "Hi Daniel!"

"NYA!!" I face-palm. A typical Daniel for a special day. So typical for Daniel. I laugh in joy and he rushes upstairs with me to play.

*          *          *

My mom shouts , "DINNER TIME KIDS!" I pounce down the stairs like a famished cheetah and take my place at the dinner table. The smokey turkey is two seats away. It has flaky brown skin. My mouth gapes open at what looks like a marshmallow yam dish. It is orange with toasted marshmallows on top. I stare in a awe at the stuffing that is unbelievably extraordinarily amazingly cool. It is yellowish-orange. It is a blend of chestnuts, celery, dried apricot, orange pepper, sage, and parsley. It was a very festive dish. Then, I take a final look at the turkey. It is chopped into pieces but its former glory still stands. The string beans are laid out in an abstract pattern and are forest green and the bread is placed in a pyramid formation. They are as yellow as the sun. The beets are luring me in, making me want to grab some and stuff it in my mouth. They are purple like a bruise, but a tasty bruise.

"YAY!" It is finally my turn to grab my food. I stab a couple of pieces of turkey and plop them on my plate. Then I scoop some of the inviting stuffing and put it on my plate. I cut some of the marshmallow yam and dump it on my plate. I ruin the abstract pattern when I scoop out some of the string beans from the bowl. I shorten the pyramid when I take a piece of bread. I instantly start eating the food. I savor every moment of it. The texture of the turkey, the flavor of the stuffing, the gooeyness and crunchiness of the marshmallow yam, the mouth watering moment of eating the stuffing, the sweetness and crispiness of the bread, the crunchy beets, and the tangy string beans are all saved on my tongue. I taste them vividly. My plate, that was once an artist's color palate of green, magenta, orange, yellow, brown, and white was reduced to only white; the color of the plate. Thanksgiving was the best ever!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! (Day of the Doctor Review and an Intro to Doctor Who)

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) makes the sound; the sound of hope that the Doctor is coming to save a planet, a person, history, or just to have fun. The Day of the Doctor, a special edition episode that came out on the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who BBC TV series, was amazing, magical, science-y, thrilling, unbelievable, and just AWESOME! !

This episode's writer was Steven Moffat. The movie makes you feel like you are there in the moment, captured as one of the characters, just like the Time Lord paintings. It is also comical and makes you laugh all the time. John Hurt, Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Billie Piper starred in The Day of the Doctor. Matt Smith acts as the most recent, eleventh Doctor, while David Tennant stars as the tenth, and second most recent Doctor. John Hurt, has never acted as a Doctor before, but is revealed as the first Doctor. He is the Doctor that his future selves try to "forget" for what they did. Billie Piper plays as a part of John Hurt's (the "first" doctor) imagination, and a consciousness of the most powerful weapon in the universe. She is Bad Wolf (reference from the series). She played Rose Tyler in the season with the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and part of the first season with David Tennant. The special episode is very confusing if it is your first time watching Doctor Who, because it references names, people, objects, and planets from earlier in the series. The eleventh doctor's companion does not play too great a role in the special episode until the end. Overall, I thought this episode was the best!!!

I like the Doctor Who series because it is very suspenseful, adventures, comical, sometimes sad, and ends on a hopeful note. It is very interesting and that makes me want to watch each episode over and over again.