Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas is here

Christmas time is almost here,
One day out of all 365,
Many get together to celebrate,
The wonders of winter

Christmas time is almost here,
The snow falls down,
but the children don't care
they sing Christmas carols all day long

Christmas time is almost here,
decorating the pine tree,
lighting up the house,
and building snowmen
people preparing for Christmas all day long

It is Christmas eve,
then the sun goes down,
The children curl up in their bed all night long,

Thump, Thump,
Ho Ho Ho
Santa came,

Christmas is here,
and we have waited all year long

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Clashing, Booming, Deafening
a cackling laugh travels through the sky

Splashing, Gurgling, Churning
a powerful roar of water from the heavens

Whooshing, Swooping, Gushing
a gust of wind blows through the still air


 The huddled people hide in their humble homes,
and why they were afraid,
nobody knows

A  shiver went through their bones,
frightened they were, so sleep they went, to conceal themselves in their own Utopian glade,
during their dreams, they wish a clear sky, maybe like the painting drawn by Van Gogh

Finally, after a deep slumber, the people of Earth look out their windows,
and they are amazed

The thunderstorm has passed

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Binding of Isaac (with DLC Wrath of the Lamb)

Two weeks ago, I got a new video game called "The Binding of Isaac". I also bought the DLC pack, the Wrath of the Lamb, which is an add on to the game. In this post, I will explain the Plot of the game.

The prologue explains how Isaac and his mother have a simple life; Isaac plays with his toys, and his mother watches Christian broadcasts on the television. Then, his mother hears a voice from above, thinking it is God, when it really is Satan. "God" says that Isaac is corrupted with sin. His mother removes Isaac's toys and clothes. Then, she locks Isaac in his room. "God" AKA Satan says once again that it isn't enough and he requires a sacrifice. The sacrifice will be Isaac. Isaac's mom goes to the kitchen, and grabs a butcher's knife. Isaac sees through a crack in his door. He finds a trapdoor under his rug and without hesitation he flings open the hatch. Just as his mother bursts through the door, he jumps down into the depths below.

In the game there are many monsters, ranging from flies and spiders to headless demon creatures that squeal and launch blood and poison bombs at you. You start out as Isaac, and shoot tears that do damage to monsters. You start out with one bomb. However, you can upgrade yourself by finding chests, blowing up blue tinted rocks with bombs, or finding treasure rooms that have power ups. My personal favorite power up is Epic Fetus, which allows you to launch missiles at the monsters and do massive amounts of damage. If you are unlucky like me, you can run into mini bosses, such as Wrath, Envy, and Gluttony. They are similar to bosses, except toned down and have less health. You can gain more health through power ups and Eternal Hearts.

When you finally reach the boss room, you must fight the boss unless you have the item "We must go deeper." After you kill a boss and everything else in the room, the room spawns a power up you can choose or not choose to pick up. It also gives you red hearts, soul hearts (a buffer for red hearts), or rarely, an Eternal Heart. Red hearts fill "container hearts" which are the max hearts you get (expanded by Eternal hearts or Power-ups).

Finally, you can proceed to the next level down. The levels are: Basement 1 (Cellar 1), Basement 2 (Cellar 2), Caves 1 (Catacombs 1), Caves 2 (Catacombs 2), Depths 1(Necropolis 1), Depths 2 (Necropolis 2), Womb 1 (Utero 1), Womb 2 (Utero 2), Sheol, Cathedral, and finally Chest. The Basements/Cellars, Caves/Catacombs, and Depths 1/Necropolis 1 have normal bosses, ranging from Widow, the upside-down spider, Pin, a worm, to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

When you reach Depths 2/Catacombs 2, the boss is Mom. You kill mom (weird huh!) and proceed to Mom's Heart in the Wombs/Uteros. After you beat Mom's Heart, you proceed to Sheol, and find Satan and kill him. Then, you proceed once more.

After beating Satan, you find yourself in a Cathedral. There you must find Isaac, and kill him. This is extremely strange and I don't know how to interpret this because essentially you are killing yourself. After beating yourself, a ginormous chest appears and you climb in. Note: This part is not supposed to be known until you actually find it. Therefore, readers must know that they are reading a spoiler for one of the most essential parts of the game. The FINAL Boss is ???. He is Isaac's dead brother, and you have to kill him again. He is the exact same as Isaac, except with more health, and more damage. After you beat him, another giant chest spawns, and when you look into it, you win. You have to win at least thirteen times to find all the endings, then to actually beat the game and become a platinum god, you have to find every single item.

You must be Mom, then restart. Then you beat Mom and Mom's Heart, and restart. Then you beat Mom, Mom's Heart, then Satan. This goes on and on. 

The Meeting Point of Art and Science

Some say science and art are completely different things and have no similar aspects. Is that true? Science and art are similar, and different in comparable characteristics. Science and art explain things. However, science may explain it mathematically and using physics. Art explains it with more emotion and imagery. To understand with both views allows a person to see the world in a whole new view. People can see something and know the mathematical reason it happens, and how it affects them from an emotional stand point.

Both artists and scientists have the same goal. They both want to have a better understanding of the world .They both use their imagination to do this. The goal of Einstein was to understand something new about the universe that had never been realized before, such as relativity. Einstein said, “Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe.” Einstein, one of the greatest scientists, thought that music, an art form like his science, were both representations of the inner beauty of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” (Emphasis is mine). Leonardo da Vinci also believed that science and art are similar. Not only does this represent that art is a science, it also portrays that art communicates knowledge to all the generations of the world. Knowledge is understanding. He expressed it in a different way than Einstein, but the goal was the same. Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein used art and science together to successfully illustrate and clarify the mysteries of the world.

However, art and science remain different in certain ways. Yes, science and art both explain things, but that doesn’t mean that they explain things the same way. To explain the phenomenon of a tsunami a scientist may say, “Two ocean tectonic plates collided causing an underwater earthquake. The underwater earthquake stirred the waves which resulted in a tsunami.” On the other hand, an artist may limn, “Mother Nature struck her hand upon the people who angered her, unleashed her terror, and smothered them with her waves of destruction.” Art can stretch an imaginary line farther and farther, bending the rules, but science cannot, for even the slightest stretch could bring disaster. Imagine an architect designing and building a bridge. The bridge is incredibly beautiful, yet, many of the calculations are not accurate. Eventually, the bridge will fall down. A scientist may look at a river running and say, “Why does it run so quickly?” or, “Why does it move so wonkily?” After that the scientist will conclude how gravity pulls water down and it causes erosion... An artist may see the same river, and interpret it with a picture and poem. They both interpret things, but in completely different ways.

Understanding science and art on a social level is extremely important. A group of friends may get together, talking about art, not knowing anything about science, and one friend is left out, because he or she only knows science, and not art. This impedes their communication to a certain extent. The group of friends could have a debate on whether art is better than science or vice versa, but they can’t have a more casual conversation. However, understanding both is possible, because they are similar in so many ways. Once a person has understood art and science, they can see the world with a whole different perspective. They can see the world like a scientist, understanding the physics, and can see the world as an artist, unleashing the imagination to its fullest extent. Imagine that someone is trying to make the color green, which is society. You need the color blue, science, and the color yellow, art. Without one of these, you cannot make green, or society.

What type of art best portrays science? I think writing does. Despite all the similarities between science and art, only the art of writing can truly describe what goes on in science. In fact, in order to do science, a person must know how to write, or else they wouldn’t be able to prove their hypotheses. Stephen Hawking is a perfect example. He cannot draw, dance, or play an instrument to express his understanding of the universe. Aside from the one person in the world who understands his speech, the only way he was able to communicate his vision of the universe was through writing.

The English poet and writer Earl Edward George Bulwer-Lytton once said, “Art and science have their meeting point in method.” His quote perfectly summarizes the relationship between art and science.

Elemental Affection

 The names of the elements always captured me with their unpronounceable, unpredictable, onomatopoeic, simple, or comical names. My favorite five of all of the element names are:
1.      Aluminium
2.      Krypton
3.      Molybdenum
4.      Gold
5.      Chromium

Aluminium is the chemical element with atomic number 13, a light silvery-gray metal.
Aluminium is found in Bauxite ore. Aluminium is used in aluminium foil, cans, cars, metal sheets, buses, bicycles, and coins. Aluminium is not rare, but it has an exceptional ring to its name. Aluminium is a unique word to me. It has two different spellings, Aluminum, and Aluminium. I prefer Aluminium, because when I say words with an ending “-ium” I feel satisfied. It is a very simple name, but simple is sometimes better.

Krypton is the chemical element with atomic number 36. Krypton is highly unreactive because it is a noble gas, and is used in some light bulbs. All noble gases are inert. It is also used for photographic flashes and for krypton fluorescent lasers. Krypton always reminds me of Superman. I am not into comic books and super heroes, but one of the first super heroes I ever knew about was Superman. Krypton reminds me of Superman because Kryptonite poisons Superman, and I thought Krypton sounds extremely similar to Kryptonite, and perhaps Kryptonite was based on it. Krypton is very “comic”al. Despite Krypton being a noble gas, kryptonite can kill Superman. I don’t see anything noble about that. Krypton is very rare, and is obtained by distillation of liquid air.

Molybdenum is the chemical element with atomic number 42. Molybdenum has the sixth highest melting point of all metals, and has low solubility in water. Molybdenum is used in fertilizer for cauliflower, and is used to make armor, aircraft parts, electrical contacts, industrial motors, and filaments.

Normally, on Monday, I go to fencing class. One Monday, I was a little early, and there was a book on the elements, just sitting in the fencing lounge. I grabbed it, sat down, and the first page I opened was to Molybdenum. I tried in vain to pronounce it. “Moleee-beedeenom, Molybb-db-dnum.” My fencing teacher saw me struggling and brought the entire class over. He made a challenge. Anyone who could pronounce the word, would get a prize. After everyone’s feeble attempts, mine included, we started a second round. I was tense, and I quickly gathered all of my knowledge about pronunciation. I broke the word into syllables. Finally, it came to me. I impatiently waited for my turn. I pronounced every syllable carefully. “Mol-ib-de-num” My fencing teacher reached into his pocket, grabbed the prize, and said, “Here is a Molybdenum bar.” Everyone sighed or said, “Aw!” The bar was black and emitted a cold feeling. From that moment, Molybdenum was embedded into my memory, and I started to have affection for strange unpronounceable words. I like the word Molybdenum, but the actual metal engenders no special affection.

Gold is the chemical element with atomic number 79. It is a rare element. Gold never tarnishes and is inert. It is precious and shiny. It is magnificent and bold. It is my favorite element of all. Gold is a prized valuable item. Gold doesn’t sound very bold nor like a luxury thing. This is because you hear it too much. On the other hand, the metal is prestigious. It is used to describe heroes, and used to make important statues. When you win something, you get gold medals, or gold ribbons, or something gold colored! Gold is used for dentistry such as gold teeth. It is also used in aerospace, electronics and computers, finances, and investing. It was the basis of currency for thousands of years. However, scientists treat it like any other metal, experimenting with it like they would with iron or copper. It is so rare that approximately 181,881 ordinary tons of gold have been mined out of the Earth from the beginning of history to 2011. In comparison, 2 billion tons of iron ore are mined annually.  

Chromium is the chemical element with atomic number 24. Chromium also has a nice “–ium” at the end, but it shines distinctively. It can be polished to a mirror finish, and is used in motorcycles, school bus paint, and used in lasers. It is the twenty-second most abundant element, making it mildly rare, and I love how it is shiny and bright. It is magnetic, and above thirty-eight degrees Celsius it becomes paramagnetic, meaning it attracts only certain objects. Chromium has many special properties which are amazing. It is a very onomatopoeic word for me, because when I say Chromium, I think of chrome, a very shiny object like Chromium.

These words gave me a great affection for the elements.

Oreo Tectonics

Oreos are a great, tasty way to learn about geology. The tectonic plates under the Earth are like giant Oreos. This metaphor helps us understand mountains and how they form. Not only does the metaphor make you sweetly imagine, you can also experiment with it to get delicious results!

Before, however, we must understand how tectonic plates (or Oreos, if you prefer) move. The tectonic plates float on the mantle. The Earth’s mantle is molten rock and elements, so it flows around. When the top part of the mantle cools, it sinks to the bottom of the mantle only to be heated up and brought back to the top. While this is happening, the mantle is spinning, moving the tectonic plates on top. In these experiments, the Oreos are the tectonics plate and your hands will be used to move them.

How are mountains formed? The forming of mountains is called orogeny. Well, have you ever pushed two Oreos against each other? Most of the times, both of them crack and two of the halves will go up or down. This broken bit is the mountain. Now, raise one of the Oreos and put it on top of another Oreo. That is a mountain as well. If there is an Oreo in between two Oreos, and the Oreos on the outside are pushed towards each other, then the Oreo in the middle will crack and crumble into a mountain or mountain range. The final example of making a singular mountain with Oreos is when you break one Oreo in half, making a “fault” then pushing the two parts together and making a mountain.

In scientific terms, the plate tectonics are doing the same thing. They move around along the flow of the mantle, and eventually bump into each other. If at least one of the plate tectonics has enough momentum, it will crush and crack and break and bend. These broken parts become the mountains. The tectonic plates also can slip onto each other, just like in the above Oreo experiment. One tectonic plate will slide on top of another and that will form a mountain. A tectonic plate can form a crack or fault after extreme stress, and then the two parts of the tectonic plate, collide and form a mountain. These processes take millions of years. Experiments with Oreos, however, take only a matter of seconds. Mountains form because the plates are under great stress and release great amounts of energy.

If you take more than two Oreos and smash them together with varying force, all of the broken bits will be mountains, and you will have a mountain range or, an Oreo range. If you take two Oreos, then smash them together with equal force they won’t be able to rise on top of the other. The only solution for the Oreos is to break. They will both break, causing bits to become mountains. The final example of a mountain range occurs underwater. It is formed when you move two Oreos apart, the magma rises, represented by a third Oreo, then cools to form a mountain.

Scientists describe mountain ranges similarly. Plates may collide into each other and chunks will rise out of the ground. An example of two tectonic plates pressing against each other with equal force, and density would be the landmasses of India and Eurasia. They couldn’t submerge each other so the edges could only rise. This formed the Himalaya mountain range. The Sierra Nevada range was formed when there was a fault, and the fault plate was lifted. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge was formed by cooling magma and the separation of two tectonic plates. The Andes and Alps are Fold Mountains, where two plates crushed a third plate in between them, causing it to crush, crack, and fold.

A metaphor is a great way to explain science. The Oreo metaphor is an accurate metaphor that tackles plate tectonics in geology effectively. This metaphor gives a visual effect that helps us see and understand plate tectonics in a fun and easily understandable way. The Oreo metaphor is an epitome of plate tectonics. It is surely sweet and delicious.

Big and Small

Questions came to my head like cooking popcorn. Pop! Pop! Pop! What is the biggest thing in existence? At first, I thought it was the Earth. What is the smallest? I thought it was an ant. Later, I learned of molecules. What made up molecules? Atoms did. What made up atoms?

The Earth is small. Atoms are even smaller. Quarks are the smallest. Our solar system is big. Our galaxy is bigger. The universe is the biggest. All of these sizes captured and fascinated me.

Before I was mesmerized by small things, I wanted to know what the biggest thing in existence was. Big things seemed so grand before the eye, being magnificent like a king’s statue or intricate like the Taj Mahal. I thought the Earth was the biggest. I started wondering and asking questions. I also read many books about big things. They all converged to one thing. The Universe was the biggest. When I was very young, I thought Universe meant Earth, instead of realizing that the books meant it as an actual separate thing and not another name for the Earth.

I was finally corrected in third grade. In third grade, one of our science questions was: what is the biggest thing in The Universe. Being misled by my own thinking, I said it was the Earth. Evidently, I was wrong. The answer was: The Universe. The teacher told me The Universe is a separate thing that continues to expand, collapse, create, and destroy eternally. After learning that The Universe was the biggest thing in existence, I felt I had accomplished something. After figuring out what the biggest thing was, I unknowingly was led into an interest in small things.

I was amazed by ants, and how they can lift fifty times their own weight. They had six tiny little legs, with proportionately long antennae that can sense things that are the equivalent of human hearing, seeing, feeling, and smelling. They can also sense pheromones in the air. Their tiny little legs can pitter patter across a room silently, unnoticed by any animal. I was captivated that so much activity could occur in such a small, delicate insect. I thought, “Ants must be made of something?” I was right. They were made of cells.

When I researched cells, I found that they were too small for the naked eye to see, but were productive “machines” that move the body, transfer messages for the body, and use the energy that the body ingests to help keep the body alive. I read on. I found a surprising fact: cells are living. I was shocked! How did something so small live without a heart or a brain? I dwelled on this topic for many years before finally understanding it. It was not until the fifth grade that I finally understood cells. Now, I could continue my quest to find the smallest thing in The Universe.

What are cells made of? What is smaller than a cell? When googling these questions, I expected the answer to be: cells are the smallest thing in the universe, they are made of nothing. Instead, I got the answer: molecules. There was something smaller than a cell. What was smaller than a molecule? Atoms!

Atoms are the base structure of The Universe. After reading this line, I thought that atoms were the smallest thing in the universe. It wasn’t until the end of the school year that I learned something I couldn’t believe. Atoms were made of electrons, neutrons, and protons.

On Wikipedia, there was a link for electrons, neutrons, and protons. I clicked; thinking that is would only be the definitions of the three items, for they MUST have been the smallest thing in The Universe. They HAD to be! My eyes widened, my jaw dropped down. I was wrong. Inside my head, I screamed at myself, “HOW!!!” I cried. I was furious and piqued, because I wanted to be right for once. I was enthralled and angry. There were even more dreaded smaller things! I was happy to make progress, but bemoaned that I was wrong. Even electrons, neutrons, and protons were made up things: quarks.

Through these answers, I learned that a scientist can’t make a definite assumption or jump to conclusions in science before learning about it.  At this moment, these little quarks lingered in my mind, and I thought they might, just might, be made of something smaller. However, that is a mystery yet to be solved…

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Jux woke up sputtering. Cold water was being splashed onto his face by Burl. Burl held his water bottle close to him, as if someone was trying to steal it. Jux looked around. The town was in ruins. There were human officials everywhere, he saw a medic run past him. He stood up. He was a total wreck. His muscles were aching, and he was dizzy. Burl put Jux on his shoulders and ran.

All the way across the world...

"This is Extra-Terrestrial Management Squadron 499." Soldiers, scientists, and political officers rushed about. A General, General Phillips, announced, "The incident that happened near London, England, was not from an asteroid, or any other space rock. It was extra-terrestrial. Alien. We have here a specimen of the raining objects. I advise you not to touch it, for the last guy who did caught on fire." People gathered around the 1 inch piece of metal. He continued, "We have calculated that it was part of a spaceship, and that it is falling. We must stop it before it reaches 10,000 feet,  for if it impacts the Earth, we can say goodbye to the Northern Hemisphere. That is if the physical object hits the Earth. If it has any engines of a special type, then-" He paused. "Then we can say goodbye to our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. This might be the last hours of the people of planet Earth."

General Phillips went to the tech room of the Extra-Terrestrial Management Squadron facility. He said, "What are our options rookie!?"

"We can launch missiles at the unidentified object, which is extremely risky, or... We can use a device I have been working on."

"What is it?"

"It is a teleportation device. However, I haven't tested it yet, and it could disperse all the atoms of a human body into nothingness."

"It is the best we have."

"But sir, when our troops do get up there, what would they do?"

"They will try to fix the communicators and call for help to other extraterrestrial beings, like the Martians."

"How do we know these aren't the Martians?"

"Well duh!? Martian ships don't even look like this. They look completely different. Plus, "Martians are our friends." The General marched off. The tech rookie mouthed, "What?"
Jux started running around, looking for other passengers of the cruise. Burl screamed. Jux turned around and saw Burl flickering. "HELP! I AM TELEPORTING!!!" Burl zapped away. Jux looked down at himself. He was teleporting too! He blinked and found himself on the cruise ship. He looked around and saw all kinds of droids walking around. He said, "Hey!" They looked at him. They said in unison, "Problem detected. Solution: Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill." Jux looked around, there was no sign of Burl. Jux bolted. He smashed through a door and looked out into space. An air bubble was sealing the ship, but there was no wall. He carefully walked around it, and continued to run.

He bolted through another door, ran up stairs. Suddenly, he tripped, and something grabbed him.


Saturday, September 27, 2014


"Welcome aboard the Titanic, a galactic cruise ship. Thank you for choosing Tyran Enterprises!" Announced a computer. "Hmm... Interesting name," said Jux, a cruise ship attendee. "According to the history of a planet called Earth, there was a ship named the Titanic that crashed into an iceberg and sank," he continued. "What!? You must be joking. There is no such thing as a ship on the water," exclaimed Burl, Jux's friend. Jux responded, "They called the ships, Booo-ats."

Burl cried, "What! I want to see one!"

Jux said, "Lucky you! I checked the "Earth visit" excursion. When we stop on Earth, we can check one out."


A serving robot walked up to them and asked, "Would you care for some tea?" Jux shuddered at the voice. It sounded like it was screaming, like something was in pain. "No thanks," responded Jux. The robot moved on. Jux told Burl, "Those things creep me out."

"No kidding." Jux and Burl were aliens from the planet Badabing. However, don't go calling the Badabingalings, because it can be the last thing you ever do. A Raxicorpian child shouted, "Mommy, look! It is a Badabingaling!"

"Now, Horus, that is impolite..."

The child interrupted, "Mommy look!" The mother rushed the child away.

Jux and Burl walked to the window. They were just passing the star X9-B1, one of the red giants of the Milky Way. The computer repeated its message. The cruise ship was just leaving the planet Foran, and its destination was Gortan. It was scheduled to stop at Earth, Mars, and Guglimush. Of course, Martians and Guglimushians were much more advanced than the Humans. Therefore, they could land on Mars and Guglimushians without interfering with anything. However, they couldn't land on Earth because it was universal law that you couldn't interfere with planetary development.

5 Days Later

"Ladies and gentlemen of all planets, moons, asteroids, and comets, Welcome to Earth,"  announced the computer that seemed happier than usual. "If you would please go to your designated teleportation zones, we are going incognito to observe Earth and its inhabitants." Jux and Burl walked to F1, their designated teleportation gate. A purple sheet appeared inside the gate, and it rippled and wobbled in a hypnotic way. They stepped in. BZZZZZZZZ! They closed their eyes as a terrifying sound emerged from the gate. PSHEEEW. They opened their eyes. They were on Earth! Burl was amazed. He ran around screaming, "I CAN FINALLY SEE THE BOOO-ATS!" Humans all around looked at him. Jux ordered Burl to stop. "You are drawing attention!" Jux hissed at Burl.

"Sorry." They walked towards the nearest human and asked, "Where is the lake/ocean/river?" The person was frightened and puzzled. He answered, "O. Ov. Over there. Please don't hurt me." He pointed at Roanoak Lane. Jux and Burl ran towards it and saw a giant bay. "Whoa, look how big that ocean is, cried Jux!" Badabing was a desert planet, and it had no source of water. It was impossible to rain. Juz and Burl were part of the last Badabingeans. Only one billion survived out of the fourteen billion that once thrived because of moisture machines. Burl fainted at the near sight of it. He fell into the water, and woke up thrashing about. He cried, "Help me! I don't know how to swim!" He writhed back and forth, and Jux tried to reach down and grab him. Burl screamed and became submerged into the water. Jux couldn't see him because the water was too murky. Bubbles came up from the water. he cried for help! "HELP SOMEBODY! MY FRIEND IS DROWNING!" A man from the street saw, and leaped into the water. He brought Burl up. Burl was coughing and wheezing. He spit up pints and pints of water. He squirmed about. The man slammed Burl in the chest. Jux was horrified. He thought the man was helping him! Suddenly, Burl coughed up more water, and was OK. The man said, "Boy, your friend has some big lungs to hold that much water." It was true, Badabingeans had twice the lung capacity of humans, and a binary-vascular system, meaning two hearts. They said thank you and wished the man a good day. The man hurried on to his normal day and Burl and Jux hugged each other.

Burl looked up and screamed. He saw a giant cloud of smoke and fire. Jux looked up too. Bits of metal came searing by. One human was hit, and flew one hundred feet back, dead. Jux and Burl ran. More pieces of metal came zooming by. One, the size of a computer mouse hit a two story building, and the building exploded. The people of Earth panicked. Jux and Burl turned around. A building exploded right in front of them and it launched them into the air. They were unconscious. Little did they know, the Titanic, with its nuclear engines, was entering the atmosphere.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Minecraft Server

Hello! I am back after a long summer break. On August 16, 2014, I made a Minecraft Server.

The server ip is .

The server's website is The server is currently in the phase where I am adding finishing touches to plugins, and fixing bugs.

Please donate to the server through my website, and you will receive a special donor rank according to the amount you donate. The special rank will have perks such as /fly etc. When I install a new plugin to the server that has commands, I will add more perks to the donor ranks to make sure you have a jolly good time! The transaction will take a maximum of 2 days until September 1, 2014, until I make it automated.

This is what you need to know:

Towny is a plugin that allows you to create towns, nations, and have wars. You can invite people to your town, and it increases the popularity of your town. I encourage you to join or make a town. Towns can join nations, and the more towns in a nation, the more popular the nation is. You may sell items using admin shops, shops players create, and the command /sell (item name/item id). You can buy items using admin shops and shops players create.

Please respect the staff and other players, like you would respect yourself. Any swearing, rude, or racist comments are not tolerated. They will result in a temporary ban of varying time, depending on the degree of rudeness. Advertising, hacking, and cheating (using glitches of minecraft is not considered cheating), will result in a permanent ban. DO NOT SPAM OR ASK FOR STAFF. The first time will be a warning, the second time will be a permanent ban.

Currently, staff is full. When there is a vacancy, it will be posted on the website, Please check the website often if you want to become staff. In order to be staff, you must write and send an application to The email must have the title, "Staff Application" or "Application". You must provide strong evidence to prove that you qualify for staff. If you say you are a Mod/Admin/Owner/etc. on another server, you must provide the address/ip. You must include age, and why you want to apply to a certain rank.

Thank you! I hope to see you on my server and please consider donating!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Infection (Part 2)

The General spoke into his Walkie-Talkie, "We need emergency 'evac' now! We are the 56th squadron in quadrant two. We request immediate 'evac'!"

On the other end of the line, the man said, "Evacuation squad is on it's way. It is a chopper. You should see it in about three minutes."

Todd was scared. He looked around and saw that his fellow squad members were too. The General shouted, "We need to get out of the bus. Be alert! If there are any Infected, shoot them!" Todd got out of his seat and walked out of the bus along with his squad. Then, they heard the chopper. It went, THUG THUG THUG THUG... Todd rushed towards it and jumped in. He pulled out his pistol and told the others to get in. After five minutes, the General was about to get on. As Todd was pulling him in, an Infected ran out and grabbed onto the General's leg! The chopper was getting higher and higher. The General cried to Todd,"Help Me!" Todd pulled with all his might, not realizing that an Infected was clinging to the General's leg. The General ordered, "Shoot the Infected on my leg!" A squad member shot the Infected and it let go. Todd's squad helped pull the General into the chopper.

The General started walking towards the front of the chopper to tell the pilot where to go, but toppled to the ground. Todd said, "Oh no! He is Infected!" The General started spazzing out and lay still. Jim, a squad member bent down and said, "General?" The General lashed out and bit Jim. Jim started showing the symptoms of the Infected too. Todd grabbed his pistol from it's holster and shot the General. The General stopped, then continued to come towards them. Albert grabbed his machine gun and blasted the General. The General toppled to the chopper floor and started crawling towards them. The co-pilot came out and saw the madness. He said, "Hey, what's going on?" Jim turned around and jumped onto the co-pilot. The co-pilot screamed. Albert unleashed another spray of bullets that hit Jim. He kept shooting, but many bullets missed and hit the wall that separated the pilots from the passenger. Todd looked out the window. The chopper was losing altitude. The co-pilot stood up and bit Albert. Only Todd, Robert, and Han were not Infected. Han cried, "Grab a parachute!" They snagged some from a compartment behind them, put them on, and opened the chopper's door. They jumped out. Robert cried, "My parachute doesn't work!" Todd glided towards him and grabbed onto him. Todd used his spare hand to pull on the parachute string. It burst open, leaving Todd and Robert hanging. Han also pulled on his parachute string, and they landed on the ground. Todd said, "Do you have any ammo and survival supplies?" Han gave him a grim look, "What do you think?"

They looked into the distance and saw the chopper crash. Robert announced, "Let's go check the chopper. There might be some supplies there." They sprinted towards it. Todd whispered, "Stop. There might be Infected still alive." He pulled out his pistol and looked through the wreckage. He saw the dead pilot. "Albert shot the pilot on accident. No wonder we crashed." Robert replied, "No matter, we must look for supplies." He pulled open the door and it came clean off. Todd and Han stepped inside. They looked from side to side and saw dead Infected. "Good!" Todd said, "They are dead." Han rummaged through a pack that survived the crash. Todd said, "Just take the entire pack." Han obeyed. They rushed through the door hole and ran to Robert. Robert pulled out a phone and said, "The nearest town is that way." He pointed East. Han asked, "Can you connect to the Army on that phone? Robert answered, "No." They started to walk towards the town.

Day 7 of the Journey

Todd cried, "I see it!" They ran towards it and after a couple hours, arrived. They pulled out their weapons and saw a woman peek out a window. They ran to the house and rang the doorbell. She opened the door. "What do you want!?" she said.

"We need a place to stay and food. Our army chopper crashed and we barely survived."

"Alright, come on in."

"Ma'am, do you know what is happening to the world?"

"All I know is that there are Infected people that are very dangerous. We are lucky, we are protected by military troops."

"Really? Where is their base?"

"Right across the street!"

"Thank you ma'am." They rushed out the door and rang the buzzer of the Army base's building. The door's opened. A soldier came up to them and shouted, "What do you want!!!"

Han replied, "Private, you should respect the ranks that are superior to yours!"

The private looked at their uniforms, "Sir, I'm so sorry sir, I'm so sorry..."

"No harm done. We will see your General."

"Yes sir." The private led them to a conference room and opened the door. The General looked at them. "Who are you?"

"The last three surviving members of Squad 56. The rest are dead or Infected."

The General nodded. "What are your names?"

"Sergeant Todd,  Corporal Robert, and Commander Hans."

"I see."

"Please help us."



Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Infection (Part 1)

November 5, 2093:

Population: 7,046,000,000

Status: Normal

Todd was just an army soldier. Well, just an army soldier until November 6, 2093...

November 6, 2093:

Population: 6,200,629,000

Status: 25% of all countries in the world have declared martial law

The world is in ruin.  This is because of a disease. Nobody knows where it started, it just did.
November 6, 2093

Todd groaned as he woke up. His general woke him up at five o'clock. The General mocked him, "Uhhhhh." Then he said, "Wake up Soldier! Busy day!" Todd  brushed his teeth slowly, changed into his uniform lazily, then ate breakfast. After breakfast, Todd was no longer tired. He ran around the track field, and met with his squad and general at seven o'clock. His general announced, "Today we are going on a field trip to downtown New York City for a skirmish drill." They piled into the back of a troop transporter bus and it zipped away.

As they got near the city, Todd looked at all the tall buildings rising above the walled city of New York and unknowingly said, "Whoa!" Suddenly, the bus stopped at the gate and The General got out. He shouted, "What is going on here!  We are the U.S. Army." A policeman ran up and cried, "Thank God you're here!" The General gave him a puzzled look. The General got back into the bus and it started to move again. The gates opened.

As soon as the bus passed the gates of New York City, people swarmed around the bus screaming, "Let us in!" Suddenly, a person jumped onto a window and started snarling and banging on it. The General shouted, "Get off the bus!" Todd scrambled off the bus and took out his AK-47. The General suddenly put his Walkie-Talkie up to his ear. Todd heard muffled voices. Finally, The General pointed at the snarling person and screamed, "Shoot that thing!" Todd unleashed a spray off bullets at the person until the person fell onto the ground. Todd asked, "Sir, who is that? What's going on?"

"A person infected with an unknown virus. Build up barricades, we have to contain the infection." Soldiers started to pile up fallen purses, wallets, coats, and sandbags, to form a wall. When all the non-infected ran out of the gates, all was silent. Todd asked, "Was that the only infected one?"

"Nope." Todd gulped. He looked down the barrel of his gun over the barricade. He saw the first of the many Infected. The General shouted, "Fire at will!" Bullets fired and it toppled to the ground. As Todd reloaded his gun, a horde of Infected swarmed. He started shooting, and his squad members followed suit. Even the General pulled out his pistol and started shooting. Infected after Infected fell, but more just took its place. Tom,  another squad member said, "We can't hold this position for much longer!" The General, spoke into his Walkie-Talkie. Todd focused on shooting the infected.. Suddenly, a chopper flew over a building and unleashed with firepower that equaled all of the squad members' fire power combined. Todd's shots became less accurate as he switched his attention between shooting and the chopper. An Infected leaped over the wall, biting a squad member beside Todd, spreading the unknown pathogen to him. He shot the Infected and ran over to his squad member. The squad member was spazzing out and started screaming. Then, he was still. The General ordered them to get into the bus. He ran towards it and as he got into the bus, he saw his squad member stand up. His squad member started snarling at him and ran towards the bus. Oh no, Todd thought, he was infected. He leaned out the back and shot his squad member. The bus burst through the gates of New York City.

"Sir, Is it like that all over the world?"

"Yes." Todd shuddered at the thought.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cold War II (Part 4: The Aftermath)

The Aftermath of Cold War II

Ten Days Later...

The humans that were spread across the universe were in horror the day it was broadcast on intergalactic news. The Earth was a mass of black holes. The colonies on nearby planets, moons, and asteroids sent black hole cruisers, ships capable of escaping a black hole's pull at up to ten miles an hour, to investigate the wreckage. Six billion humans dead, countless more animals. All of the dead sucked into the black holes.

One Year Later...

The cruisers didn't find answers for the questions of the one hundred trillion aliens and humans in the galaxy. This scared the inter-species council even more. Uglec, an alien with three eyes and six toes total, said, "Uh wa lu he!" translated to, "This cannot happen again!" Another member of the council, Rugsop, an alien with two heads, each with one eye, mouth, nose, and ear, said "Ti hua ta!" translated to, "I am surprised." It was a known fact that there was a war between Russia and America, but nobody knew that they had weapons capable of destroying an entire planet.

Ten Years Later...
The Interviews

Reporter: Hello! I would like to ask some questions about the destruction of Earth.

Interviewee (Jonathan): OK.

Reporter: What did you feel when you heard that your home planet, Earth was destroyed. 

Jonathan:  I don't remember very much, I was ten at the time, but I remember gasping in horror with the people around me. 

Reporter: Did it make you sad?

Jonathan: It shocked me more than it made me sad. I only spent a year of my childhood on Earth, so I didn't remember much of it.

Reporter: Alright. Thank you for your time.

Jonathan: Goodbye!

Reporter: Hello dear, I would like to ask some questions about Cold War II.

Interviewee (Sally): OK.

Reporter: Your father was in Cold War II correct? If so, when you heard about the destruction of Earth, what did you feel.

Sally: I had mixed emotions. I was shocked and sad. I was shocked because I was only four at the time and I didn't know people had that kind of fire power, and sad because I lost my dad.

Reporter: I'm so sorry... Thank You for your time.

Sally: Goodbye!

Fifteen Years Later...

"The council has announced that all weapons from every species shall be confiscated and disposed off into a special disposal unit. If not, the planet they live in will be encased in a sphere so that they can never leave." Cold War II was the bloodiest war in all of the Milky Way's history.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cold War II (Part 3)

The President had declared a national emergency, code mauve (Doctor Who reference from the Empty Child). The General walked down the red and green hallway. He opened the redwood door and sat in front of a camera. To the nation, he announced in a gruff and strange accent, " 'ellow patruts, the presidunt, 'as isu-ud code mauve. 'lease stay calm 'till furthur notice." Naturally, all of America panicked.

The President was scared. He sat down upon his chair and stared at his desk. He thought for hours and hours, knowing that every second he used, the missiles were getting miles closer. Suddenly, a General burst into his room and reported, "One of the missiles is two minutes from the White House." The President stood up and ran; everything was chaos. People scrambled out of the White House and ran. They called for taxis and got in cars and drove as fast as they could. The president reached the parking lot when the missile hit. The ground was ripped from the Earth as it flew and hit surrounding buildings. One piece of rock landed to the president's side, smashing a car into the crust of the Earth. Suddenly, he looked back and a wooden slab hit him on the forehead. All went black.

"I think he is waking up... He is losing consciousness again."

"He is waking up, wait never mind..."

"Mr. President, can you hear me..."

He woke up. "He is awake!!"

"Mr. President, I am sorry to inform you that we were too late, the missiles hit," informed the General.

 "How long was I here?"

"A couple weeks." A silence swept the room. The President leaped out of his bed and rushed to the door only to find three doctors push him back into the bed. "You are not permitted to leave. You are still weak." The President didn't respond. "I will show you the aftermath," said the General. The General pointed at a clear screen and pressed a button. It showed wrecked buildings, trees on fire, and in the center, a big giant ball of dark matter sucking anything that got near it into total oblivion. "We are working to collect red matter and destroy the ball of dark matter." The General turned off the TV. The President pulled on the General's uniform and whispered into his ear, "Launch the undetectable black-hole missiles. This is the only option we have." The General nodded. He pressed a couple buttons on a "watch" and scanned a part of the wall with it. The scanned area became a portal. He walked through and it closed behind him.

The General sprinted to a missile launch controller and gave him the orders. The controller asked him, "Are you sure?" The General nodded. The controller punched a code and a series of missiles lined themselves up against the launch pods. "Are the targets set?"



The controller punched a mauve button. The missiles launched away. The general gulped and wondered, will it work?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Certamen Semi Finals

"Qui Iupiter et Pluto frater est? Responde Englice." announced the judge. The question was, "Who was Jupiter and Pluto's brother? Respond in English." Two teams out of three took a go. One had "No answer", one said Ceres. I realized my chance and buzzed in. I answered, "Poseidon". "Incorrect!" said the judge, "The question wanted the Roman form not the Greek." My heart sank and I silently raged at myself for not saying Neptune!

On April 4, my team and I represented our middle school and went to Irvine, California for the Certamen State Convention semi-finals. Certamen is Latin for quiz bowl. It is a competition where there are 2-4 teams, and a question is asked. Each team can buzz in with a buzzer once per question. The questions are all about Greek and Latin history, mythology, grammar, Latin usage, and derivatives. There are two types of questions; Toss-Up and a Bonus. Toss-Up questions are worth ten points each, and Bonus questions are worth five points each. If you answer a Toss-Up question correctly, then you are rewarded with two bonus questions.

 Split-second thinking is a key element to be an amazing Certamen player. Certamen is as challenging as Jeopardy, but it is more nerve racking and involves more thinking in my opinion. Sometimes you know the right answer, but you start to doubt yourself. One third of the time, you think you know the answer before the question ends, but you don't want to buzz in first because you might get it wrong, but you also want to buzz in first because it might be right. Another one third of the time, the question is finished being read and you think you know the answer but don't want to buzz because if you get it wrong, your team can't help you and they won't have another chance to buzz for that question. The last one third of the time, you know the answer, buzz and get it right.  When you buzz in and answer correctly, it feels like you get back into the station on a roller coaster after an intense ride.

My team and I were losing in the first third of the game. The score was twenty-five to thirty-five to fifty. By the end of the second round, we were in second place. The score was forty-five to sixty to sixty-five. The rounds were getting more difficult. At first, it wasn't scary, and everyone was calm and ready to go. As the game progressed, every time I heard the buzz sound, my heart would leap to my throat; I wouldn't know if it was my team that buzzed in or someone else. Finally, it was the last question. The score was forty-five to ninety to ninety. As the judge said the question, I pressed the buzzer, but I was too late. The other team with ninety points buzzed in a millisecond before me. This was the question that decided who advanced to the finals. I chanted in my head. "Please get it wrong! Please get it wrong!" My chanting failed. I cried, "NOOOOOO!!!!!" Our team was devastated. However, It was a good game, and everyone enjoyed it. . This year was our school's first time doing Certamen, and we got fourth place in the entire state. I am sure we can get into the finals next year.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cold War II (Part 2)

"Admiral! We have lost all communications with our Alfa 332 submarine!"

"Comrade, there is no need to fret, I am sure it will come back online." The Admiral spoke in a calm voice, but inside he feared the Alfa 332 submarine was destroyed. He looked to the side. A radar was beeping, searching the ocean for the Alfa 332 submarine. There was no sign. A Russian ensign rushed to the Admiral. "Comrade Admiral Volikov, the Alfa 332 submarine has sent it's last message!"

"How?" Asked the Admiral.

"Emergency messaging. It reads: Alfa 332 down, please take note of."

"Oh no!" Admiral Volikov cried, "Engage Phase 1!" The orders traveled through the microphone, out the transmitter, into submarine receivers, and out of the speakers.

Captain Eshman, Captain Yablonev, and Captain Andreyushkin heard this. Phase 1 was the first stage of the most destructive plan ever created.


Captain Eshman had a strange gait, because he was missing the bottom half of his leg. He hobbled over to the door of the eerie engine room and a young man handed him a greenish yellow haz-mat suit. The more he looked at it, the more it looked like an evil pyrotechnic. He pulled it on and zippered it up. He cleared his visor and took a deep breath to let the air flow through. He stepped into the engine room. Three engineers scurried past him, trying to cool down the reactor. The reactor was a nuclear and dark matter engine, one of the most advanced engines, second the the Electron model's light reactor. The engineers' haz-mat suits were covered in burns, but none of the engineers seemed harmed. Captain Eshman said, "What are you up to comrades?" 

In unison, they replied, "The reactor is over heating. We are letting some sea water cool it. Do not worry, this is a normal procedure."

Captain Eshman retorted, "Oh! Please tell me the way to the extractor." One of the engineers broke off from his fellow engineers. He said, "Follow me!" He walked into a clearing with nothing but a panel with buttons. This was to activate the extractor. The extractor would remove either nuclear fluid or dark matter fluids from the engine. Eshman walked over and hit the dark matter button. Then, he typed in the password, and the ship gave a whir. The extractor pump was working at its max, pumping all the dark matter into the extractor containers.

When the extractor was finished, Eshman walked over to the containers and typed in a password and a series of numbers. The dark matter liquid was compressing; the compressed dark matter flowed through tubes into empty warheads. 

Phase 1 was complete.

Eshman reported to the Admiral. The Admiral cried "Engage Phase 2 and automatically move to Phase 3, the final phase!" Eshman beamed the dark matter warheads to Captain Yablonev.


Captain Yablonev received the warheads instantly. He pumped fuel into missiles and placed the warheads on them and beamed them to Captain Andreyushkin. Captain Andreyushkin was ruthless. He loaded every missile into a launching compartment. In total there were twenty missile. The missiles already had a programmed target. The targets were tactical positions in the United States of America. Captain Yablonev walked to the comm system and told Admiral Volikov, "Ready when you are comrade Admiral!"

Admiral Volikov ordered, "Launch!"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cold War II (Part 1)

"Systems status: rebooting; Comm system: online; Engines: restarting" announced the android hooked up to the futuristic submarine. The submarine model was Electron. It was the fastest submarine on the planet Earth and it was just bombarded by F-Class torpedoes. "Please report to mainland! We are still functional and request to fire back!" cried the captain to an ensign. The ensign rushed to the repaired comm and dialed in the naval pass code: 30792. He said in to the speaker, "Submarine Electron 329 to mainland; Over."

"Mainland to Electron 329; Over."

"We were just bombarded by F-Class torpedoes. We are online. Permission to fire back? Over."

"Permission granted. Over."

"Ceasing comm lines. Over"

Static filled the headphones and the ensign set the microphone down. He ran back to the captain. "Permission granted sir!"

"Very well" mumbled the captain. Then, in a gruff voice, he shouted, "Load the torpedo hatches!'" Ten ensigns slipped three torpedoes into their respective hatches. They closed the hatches and the captain shouted, "FIRE!" The three torpedoes launched in a rhythmic pattern. They cut through the water going at one thousand knots, with an explosive charge consisting of half of each torpedo. The torpedoes all hit the enemy submarine, causing  faded flashes of light in the ocean, then metal bursting out of the water and landing back in it. A lieutenant junior grade tapped the captain's shoulder and reported, "Three enemy submarines have appeared on our sonar."

"Resort to evasive maneuvers" responded the captain. The lieutenant junior grade broke into a grin. Nobody could lock onto the Electron 329 when it was using evasive maneuvers. The lieutenant junior grade walked down the hall and told the lieutenant to activate the protocol. He spoke into a walky-talky and gave the command. The submarine lurched suddenly as the nuclear reactor pumped energy into the engines. The hum of the engines traveled across the entire submarine. The speedometer reached three hundred knots an hour and continued to increase; three hundred, three hundred and fifty, four hundred... Finally, it settled at seven hundred knots. The pressure increased to six hundred and fifty pounds per square foot. The Electron 339 creaked under such dramatic change in pressure but held. The enemy were the Russians, and the war was Cold War II.

The fleet admiral issued immediate action. "If the Russians fired upon us, this is a definite act of war, and actions must be taken." He ordered immediate evacuation to all submarine units. He wanted them to regroup, and form a central formation.

The captain speed walked to the control room and asked if they safely out maneuvered the enemy. The android replied, "Yes captain." Just then, the comm spoke through all the speakers: "REPORT TO BASE 10203 FOR EMERGENCY BRIEFING!" Then, it shut off. The captain ordered the android to go there,and the android replied, "Yes sir!"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

EZ-Boy: Time

By EZ-Boy

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
The clock goes Tick, Tock

There is infinite time
There is so little time
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

What should I do with this time?
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

I can write a book,
I can watch TV,
I can play outside,
I can study indoors
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
The clock goes Tick, Tock

Friday, March 14, 2014

Loans That Change Lives

Dear Friends,

For school I am working on a project called an eBook. In this eBook, we need to write about a UN Millennium Goal and why it is important to solve the goal. The goal I have chosen to write about is solving poverty. I am interested in a non-profit organization called Kiva which is helping alleviate poverty. Kiva connects people through online lending. Kiva mainly focuses on entrepreneurs in developing countries. These entrepreneurs can help the economy of the developing country helping everyone in it. I was hoping that you guys, my friends, could lend some money to some entrepreneurs after going to my other blog, and reading some additional information about Kiva and a few other things I want to say. The good thing is, after lending money, you get the money back eventually. Therefore, everyone benefits. Kiva does not charge interest. Click here to lend. Thank You!


E-Z Boy

Sunday, February 9, 2014


"Opening cell 102! All guards watch the prisoner." The prisoner was called Craig Elliot Robinson. His neighboring cell mates called him "Beet" because he stole beets from an intergalactic neutral zone, starting a horrid war. He was going to his execution. Beet walked between eight armed guards, each with a CRAM-24, a police laser gun. Two CRAM-24's were pointed at his back, while the rest of them were clenched tightly by the police guards. Every prisoner was mourning. They came to all be good friends.

The guards shoved him into a tiny pod in the back of a model ten cruiser space ship. Beet waited for many hours as the guards prepared the ship and its passengers for departure. The passengers were twenty guards, five doctors, five soldiers, and Beet. The five soldiers were trained to fire missiles at pirate or enemy space crafts, and the guards were to contain the prisoner.

Finally, Beet could feel the humming of the engine and the moment when the space ship lifted off the ground. He looked out of his tiny window in the back of the pod and saw the space prison disappear. Beet was going to the deserted asteroid of Fuglefagle, where Fuglefaglians had once roamed. Fuglefagle was once a thriving planet. They died out when a meteor the size of Mars crashed into their planet, breaking it in two. One half flew away along with the meteor, while the other remained and slowly became a giant asteroid. Amazingly, gravity and an atmosphere was sustained on the former planet and it became a missile detonation test zone for humans.

After twenty days on board the cruiser, they arrived in the outer atmosphere of the asteroid. They put Beet inside a rocket and launched him to the asteroid. He landed on Fuglefagle with a big thud. He stumbled out of the pod. My execution has begun, he thought. Beet closed his eyes and waited.

The DR-2X was a sleek and powerful missile, capable of destroying a mansion in one blow. They were going to launch one at Beet, to finish him off. The soldiers and guards loaded the missile into the cannon and the pilot aimed it at the nearest heat signal on the asteroid, which was Beet. The pilot stared at the launch button and pressed it with his weak finger.

Beet heard the DR-2X before he saw it. He looked up and saw a faint shape in the sky. He ran as fast as he could but heard the missile gaining on him. He ran and ran and ran non-stop, and the DR-2X was right behind him. Beet turned to look and the missile hit right in front of him, blasting him high into the sky and he fell deep beneath the asteroid. He clawed up with all his might and his eyes were watering. "WHY AM I NOT DEAD?" Beet cried. Now he was stuck here.

The pilot was alarmed, "We missed him! We blew a big chunk of the asteroid off! The asteroid can no longer sustain an atmosphere!" The soldiers didn't care and ordered the pilot to leave. Beet walked around aimlessly. Finally, he came across a huge cliff. He stopped and sat. He was getting faint and dizzy and tired. He turned around and saw his savior. He ran towards it for a few miles, but it didn't seem to be getting closer. By then, he was lightheaded and couldn't see very well. He was hyperventilating and was tripping. He looked up and his savior was no longer there. He collapsed onto the ground one last time and closed his eyes.

Craig Elliot Robinson woke up with a start. He realized it wasn't real and fell back asleep.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Minecraft (Why is it so fun)

I have been playing Minecraft for about two years, so I wanted to write a "review" of it, and explain what it is about. Minecraft is a three dimensional block-like game, where you can build whatever you want and mine blocks from dirt to diamonds. It is like LEGO except it's first person and on the computer.

There are four difficulty modes: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Peaceful mode is where the player cannot starve, so food is not needed, and monsters such as zombies will not spawn. Houses don't serve a purpose. It is very simple to be a nomad on Peaceful. In Easy mode, the players' hunger meter goes down very slowly, and monsters do not spawn as often as in more difficult modes. They are also weak.

Normal is the default mode. When the player first gets the game, the difficulty is set to Normal, but you can change it whenever you want. Everything happens at a normal rate. Monsters don't under-spawn or excessively spawn. The hunger meter drains at a normal pace. Hard is where monsters are beefed up to the max, and they spawn almost everywhere and very quickly. I usually play on Normal because I find it the most legit. It allows me to build whatever I want with my resources and my imagination, while fighting evil monsters.

There are also four game modes: Survival, Hardcore, Creative, and Adventure. Survival is where the player survives by building a house, mining for ores, and killing the Wither and Ender Dragon (boss monsters). Hardcore is Survival, but locked on Hard difficulty. As I mentioned above, the player can always change the difficulty except for in Hardcore mode. The player also only gets one life rather than infinite number. I think it is safe to say, YOLO (You Only Live Once). When the player dies playing Hardcore, he/she cannot re-spawn. He/She must delete the world.

Creative is where flying is enabled, the player has unlimited building blocks, and the player cannot die. This is a game mode where the player can invoke their creative side, and build whatever they wish. Adventure mode is Survival, but the player cannot break blocks. This mode is used for Adventure maps, where creative players create story-based worlds in which others players can play. This allows the builders' creations to preserved.

Wither (Boss Mob)
Enderman with Grass Block
There are five basic monsters that are in the Overworld, which is the basic realm. They are the Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Cave Spider, and Spider. These are the base monsters that can ultimately be the player's downfall. For instance, the player is building a bridge across a cliff, and does not see a zombie. The zombie hits the player of the bridge and the player dies. Otherwise, the monsters can be pretty easy to beat. There is one other monster, which is special, in the Overworld, the Slime. It is special because it was very different abilities than the other monsters. It spawns very deep underground and in swamp biomes. Slimes are not very dangerous but good to know about.
Ender Dragon (Boss Mob)
Cave Spider



The most dangerous monster (in my opinion) does not duel in the Overworld, but in the End realm. It is the Enderman. It can teleport and will be aggravated if it is looked in the eye. They are perhaps the deadliest monster ever implemented in the game.

There is no limit to where you can mine. Mining gives the player the resources to create buildings and craft armor and weapons. Diamonds are the strongest material and the more diamonds, the better :D!

Minecraft is a very creative game. It is very challenging with no limit! The player can plan, design, build, and fight. You can also create multiple worlds. I think it is one of the best games ever created!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doctor Who Aliens

Continuing the theme of Doctor Who, I would like to introduce my: favorite alien, nicest alien, scariest alien, coolest alien, and why that is my opinion.

My most favorite alien is the Dalek. The Daleks are mutant Kaleds which came from the planet Skaro. They believe that they are the most supreme race in the universe. They want to kill everybody else and are the Doctor's greatest enemies. They cry, "EX-TER-MINATE," when they want to kill something. I wonder what it would sound like in a war. It must sound like a bunch of "EX-TER-MINATE" overlapping. No wonder everyone is scared of them. They fought the Time Lords in the Great Time Wars and both species were almost completely obliterated. The Daleks are octopus like creatures and are in shells that resemble salt and pepper shakers. They have an telescope that lets them see. They also have a machine that looks like a toilet plunger that can scramble codes and do other miscellaneous things. Their weapon looks like a whisker that is shoots laser beams. They are my favorite because they seem very mischievous and mildly cute.

I think the scariest alien in Doctor Who is the Weeping Angel, which also fits in the category of the nicest alien. When they are being observed, they cease to exist. They turn into stone until they are no longer observed. This defense mechanism makes them immune to weapons of all kind. When they are not seen, they travel at unnatural speeds. If they touch someone on the back of the neck, the victim is sent back in time to live out their life. I cannot put a picture in this blog post because an image of a Weeping Angel is a Weeping Angel. It will hop out of your computer screen and gobble you up. They are the scariest alien because they look extremely terrifying. They are also the nicest alien because they don't gruesomely maim you until you die. So if you see a Weeping Angel, don't turn your back, don't look away, and DON'T BLINK. 

I think the coolest alien in Doctor Who is the Silents. They are professional priests of the Papal Mainframe. The Papal Mainframe is a spaceship church that has security to keep you safe in this world and the next. When you see the Silents, you can remember them, but when you look away you can't. In the episode: The Impossible Astronaut they are first introduced and are referred to throughout season 6. In season 6, Madame Kovarian gathers renegade people from the Papal Mainframe including some renegade Silents to try and kill the Doctor leading to the statement, Silence will fall. in The Time of the Doctor, normal Silents help the Doctor fight the Daleks. They are good aliens and bad aliens. I think they are the coolest because they can absorb energy and shoot it from their hands. They can also use post-hypnotic suggestion to control people. They are around seven feet tall with bulbous heads and they wear black twentieth century suits and ties.

These are my top aliens from Doctor Who. If you want, you can tell me who your favorite aliens are from Doctor Who!