Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Minecraft (Why is it so fun)

I have been playing Minecraft for about two years, so I wanted to write a "review" of it, and explain what it is about. Minecraft is a three dimensional block-like game, where you can build whatever you want and mine blocks from dirt to diamonds. It is like LEGO except it's first person and on the computer.

There are four difficulty modes: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Peaceful mode is where the player cannot starve, so food is not needed, and monsters such as zombies will not spawn. Houses don't serve a purpose. It is very simple to be a nomad on Peaceful. In Easy mode, the players' hunger meter goes down very slowly, and monsters do not spawn as often as in more difficult modes. They are also weak.

Normal is the default mode. When the player first gets the game, the difficulty is set to Normal, but you can change it whenever you want. Everything happens at a normal rate. Monsters don't under-spawn or excessively spawn. The hunger meter drains at a normal pace. Hard is where monsters are beefed up to the max, and they spawn almost everywhere and very quickly. I usually play on Normal because I find it the most legit. It allows me to build whatever I want with my resources and my imagination, while fighting evil monsters.

There are also four game modes: Survival, Hardcore, Creative, and Adventure. Survival is where the player survives by building a house, mining for ores, and killing the Wither and Ender Dragon (boss monsters). Hardcore is Survival, but locked on Hard difficulty. As I mentioned above, the player can always change the difficulty except for in Hardcore mode. The player also only gets one life rather than infinite number. I think it is safe to say, YOLO (You Only Live Once). When the player dies playing Hardcore, he/she cannot re-spawn. He/She must delete the world.

Creative is where flying is enabled, the player has unlimited building blocks, and the player cannot die. This is a game mode where the player can invoke their creative side, and build whatever they wish. Adventure mode is Survival, but the player cannot break blocks. This mode is used for Adventure maps, where creative players create story-based worlds in which others players can play. This allows the builders' creations to preserved.

Wither (Boss Mob)
Enderman with Grass Block
There are five basic monsters that are in the Overworld, which is the basic realm. They are the Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Cave Spider, and Spider. These are the base monsters that can ultimately be the player's downfall. For instance, the player is building a bridge across a cliff, and does not see a zombie. The zombie hits the player of the bridge and the player dies. Otherwise, the monsters can be pretty easy to beat. There is one other monster, which is special, in the Overworld, the Slime. It is special because it was very different abilities than the other monsters. It spawns very deep underground and in swamp biomes. Slimes are not very dangerous but good to know about.
Ender Dragon (Boss Mob)
Cave Spider



The most dangerous monster (in my opinion) does not duel in the Overworld, but in the End realm. It is the Enderman. It can teleport and will be aggravated if it is looked in the eye. They are perhaps the deadliest monster ever implemented in the game.

There is no limit to where you can mine. Mining gives the player the resources to create buildings and craft armor and weapons. Diamonds are the strongest material and the more diamonds, the better :D!

Minecraft is a very creative game. It is very challenging with no limit! The player can plan, design, build, and fight. You can also create multiple worlds. I think it is one of the best games ever created!

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