Sunday, February 9, 2014


"Opening cell 102! All guards watch the prisoner." The prisoner was called Craig Elliot Robinson. His neighboring cell mates called him "Beet" because he stole beets from an intergalactic neutral zone, starting a horrid war. He was going to his execution. Beet walked between eight armed guards, each with a CRAM-24, a police laser gun. Two CRAM-24's were pointed at his back, while the rest of them were clenched tightly by the police guards. Every prisoner was mourning. They came to all be good friends.

The guards shoved him into a tiny pod in the back of a model ten cruiser space ship. Beet waited for many hours as the guards prepared the ship and its passengers for departure. The passengers were twenty guards, five doctors, five soldiers, and Beet. The five soldiers were trained to fire missiles at pirate or enemy space crafts, and the guards were to contain the prisoner.

Finally, Beet could feel the humming of the engine and the moment when the space ship lifted off the ground. He looked out of his tiny window in the back of the pod and saw the space prison disappear. Beet was going to the deserted asteroid of Fuglefagle, where Fuglefaglians had once roamed. Fuglefagle was once a thriving planet. They died out when a meteor the size of Mars crashed into their planet, breaking it in two. One half flew away along with the meteor, while the other remained and slowly became a giant asteroid. Amazingly, gravity and an atmosphere was sustained on the former planet and it became a missile detonation test zone for humans.

After twenty days on board the cruiser, they arrived in the outer atmosphere of the asteroid. They put Beet inside a rocket and launched him to the asteroid. He landed on Fuglefagle with a big thud. He stumbled out of the pod. My execution has begun, he thought. Beet closed his eyes and waited.

The DR-2X was a sleek and powerful missile, capable of destroying a mansion in one blow. They were going to launch one at Beet, to finish him off. The soldiers and guards loaded the missile into the cannon and the pilot aimed it at the nearest heat signal on the asteroid, which was Beet. The pilot stared at the launch button and pressed it with his weak finger.

Beet heard the DR-2X before he saw it. He looked up and saw a faint shape in the sky. He ran as fast as he could but heard the missile gaining on him. He ran and ran and ran non-stop, and the DR-2X was right behind him. Beet turned to look and the missile hit right in front of him, blasting him high into the sky and he fell deep beneath the asteroid. He clawed up with all his might and his eyes were watering. "WHY AM I NOT DEAD?" Beet cried. Now he was stuck here.

The pilot was alarmed, "We missed him! We blew a big chunk of the asteroid off! The asteroid can no longer sustain an atmosphere!" The soldiers didn't care and ordered the pilot to leave. Beet walked around aimlessly. Finally, he came across a huge cliff. He stopped and sat. He was getting faint and dizzy and tired. He turned around and saw his savior. He ran towards it for a few miles, but it didn't seem to be getting closer. By then, he was lightheaded and couldn't see very well. He was hyperventilating and was tripping. He looked up and his savior was no longer there. He collapsed onto the ground one last time and closed his eyes.

Craig Elliot Robinson woke up with a start. He realized it wasn't real and fell back asleep.

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