Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cold War II (Part 1)

"Systems status: rebooting; Comm system: online; Engines: restarting" announced the android hooked up to the futuristic submarine. The submarine model was Electron. It was the fastest submarine on the planet Earth and it was just bombarded by F-Class torpedoes. "Please report to mainland! We are still functional and request to fire back!" cried the captain to an ensign. The ensign rushed to the repaired comm and dialed in the naval pass code: 30792. He said in to the speaker, "Submarine Electron 329 to mainland; Over."

"Mainland to Electron 329; Over."

"We were just bombarded by F-Class torpedoes. We are online. Permission to fire back? Over."

"Permission granted. Over."

"Ceasing comm lines. Over"

Static filled the headphones and the ensign set the microphone down. He ran back to the captain. "Permission granted sir!"

"Very well" mumbled the captain. Then, in a gruff voice, he shouted, "Load the torpedo hatches!'" Ten ensigns slipped three torpedoes into their respective hatches. They closed the hatches and the captain shouted, "FIRE!" The three torpedoes launched in a rhythmic pattern. They cut through the water going at one thousand knots, with an explosive charge consisting of half of each torpedo. The torpedoes all hit the enemy submarine, causing  faded flashes of light in the ocean, then metal bursting out of the water and landing back in it. A lieutenant junior grade tapped the captain's shoulder and reported, "Three enemy submarines have appeared on our sonar."

"Resort to evasive maneuvers" responded the captain. The lieutenant junior grade broke into a grin. Nobody could lock onto the Electron 329 when it was using evasive maneuvers. The lieutenant junior grade walked down the hall and told the lieutenant to activate the protocol. He spoke into a walky-talky and gave the command. The submarine lurched suddenly as the nuclear reactor pumped energy into the engines. The hum of the engines traveled across the entire submarine. The speedometer reached three hundred knots an hour and continued to increase; three hundred, three hundred and fifty, four hundred... Finally, it settled at seven hundred knots. The pressure increased to six hundred and fifty pounds per square foot. The Electron 339 creaked under such dramatic change in pressure but held. The enemy were the Russians, and the war was Cold War II.

The fleet admiral issued immediate action. "If the Russians fired upon us, this is a definite act of war, and actions must be taken." He ordered immediate evacuation to all submarine units. He wanted them to regroup, and form a central formation.

The captain speed walked to the control room and asked if they safely out maneuvered the enemy. The android replied, "Yes captain." Just then, the comm spoke through all the speakers: "REPORT TO BASE 10203 FOR EMERGENCY BRIEFING!" Then, it shut off. The captain ordered the android to go there,and the android replied, "Yes sir!"

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