Friday, March 14, 2014

Loans That Change Lives

Dear Friends,

For school I am working on a project called an eBook. In this eBook, we need to write about a UN Millennium Goal and why it is important to solve the goal. The goal I have chosen to write about is solving poverty. I am interested in a non-profit organization called Kiva which is helping alleviate poverty. Kiva connects people through online lending. Kiva mainly focuses on entrepreneurs in developing countries. These entrepreneurs can help the economy of the developing country helping everyone in it. I was hoping that you guys, my friends, could lend some money to some entrepreneurs after going to my other blog, and reading some additional information about Kiva and a few other things I want to say. The good thing is, after lending money, you get the money back eventually. Therefore, everyone benefits. Kiva does not charge interest. Click here to lend. Thank You!


E-Z Boy

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