Monday, April 14, 2014

Cold War II (Part 2)

"Admiral! We have lost all communications with our Alfa 332 submarine!"

"Comrade, there is no need to fret, I am sure it will come back online." The Admiral spoke in a calm voice, but inside he feared the Alfa 332 submarine was destroyed. He looked to the side. A radar was beeping, searching the ocean for the Alfa 332 submarine. There was no sign. A Russian ensign rushed to the Admiral. "Comrade Admiral Volikov, the Alfa 332 submarine has sent it's last message!"

"How?" Asked the Admiral.

"Emergency messaging. It reads: Alfa 332 down, please take note of."

"Oh no!" Admiral Volikov cried, "Engage Phase 1!" The orders traveled through the microphone, out the transmitter, into submarine receivers, and out of the speakers.

Captain Eshman, Captain Yablonev, and Captain Andreyushkin heard this. Phase 1 was the first stage of the most destructive plan ever created.


Captain Eshman had a strange gait, because he was missing the bottom half of his leg. He hobbled over to the door of the eerie engine room and a young man handed him a greenish yellow haz-mat suit. The more he looked at it, the more it looked like an evil pyrotechnic. He pulled it on and zippered it up. He cleared his visor and took a deep breath to let the air flow through. He stepped into the engine room. Three engineers scurried past him, trying to cool down the reactor. The reactor was a nuclear and dark matter engine, one of the most advanced engines, second the the Electron model's light reactor. The engineers' haz-mat suits were covered in burns, but none of the engineers seemed harmed. Captain Eshman said, "What are you up to comrades?" 

In unison, they replied, "The reactor is over heating. We are letting some sea water cool it. Do not worry, this is a normal procedure."

Captain Eshman retorted, "Oh! Please tell me the way to the extractor." One of the engineers broke off from his fellow engineers. He said, "Follow me!" He walked into a clearing with nothing but a panel with buttons. This was to activate the extractor. The extractor would remove either nuclear fluid or dark matter fluids from the engine. Eshman walked over and hit the dark matter button. Then, he typed in the password, and the ship gave a whir. The extractor pump was working at its max, pumping all the dark matter into the extractor containers.

When the extractor was finished, Eshman walked over to the containers and typed in a password and a series of numbers. The dark matter liquid was compressing; the compressed dark matter flowed through tubes into empty warheads. 

Phase 1 was complete.

Eshman reported to the Admiral. The Admiral cried "Engage Phase 2 and automatically move to Phase 3, the final phase!" Eshman beamed the dark matter warheads to Captain Yablonev.


Captain Yablonev received the warheads instantly. He pumped fuel into missiles and placed the warheads on them and beamed them to Captain Andreyushkin. Captain Andreyushkin was ruthless. He loaded every missile into a launching compartment. In total there were twenty missile. The missiles already had a programmed target. The targets were tactical positions in the United States of America. Captain Yablonev walked to the comm system and told Admiral Volikov, "Ready when you are comrade Admiral!"

Admiral Volikov ordered, "Launch!"

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