Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cold War II (Part 3)

The President had declared a national emergency, code mauve (Doctor Who reference from the Empty Child). The General walked down the red and green hallway. He opened the redwood door and sat in front of a camera. To the nation, he announced in a gruff and strange accent, " 'ellow patruts, the presidunt, 'as isu-ud code mauve. 'lease stay calm 'till furthur notice." Naturally, all of America panicked.

The President was scared. He sat down upon his chair and stared at his desk. He thought for hours and hours, knowing that every second he used, the missiles were getting miles closer. Suddenly, a General burst into his room and reported, "One of the missiles is two minutes from the White House." The President stood up and ran; everything was chaos. People scrambled out of the White House and ran. They called for taxis and got in cars and drove as fast as they could. The president reached the parking lot when the missile hit. The ground was ripped from the Earth as it flew and hit surrounding buildings. One piece of rock landed to the president's side, smashing a car into the crust of the Earth. Suddenly, he looked back and a wooden slab hit him on the forehead. All went black.

"I think he is waking up... He is losing consciousness again."

"He is waking up, wait never mind..."

"Mr. President, can you hear me..."

He woke up. "He is awake!!"

"Mr. President, I am sorry to inform you that we were too late, the missiles hit," informed the General.

 "How long was I here?"

"A couple weeks." A silence swept the room. The President leaped out of his bed and rushed to the door only to find three doctors push him back into the bed. "You are not permitted to leave. You are still weak." The President didn't respond. "I will show you the aftermath," said the General. The General pointed at a clear screen and pressed a button. It showed wrecked buildings, trees on fire, and in the center, a big giant ball of dark matter sucking anything that got near it into total oblivion. "We are working to collect red matter and destroy the ball of dark matter." The General turned off the TV. The President pulled on the General's uniform and whispered into his ear, "Launch the undetectable black-hole missiles. This is the only option we have." The General nodded. He pressed a couple buttons on a "watch" and scanned a part of the wall with it. The scanned area became a portal. He walked through and it closed behind him.

The General sprinted to a missile launch controller and gave him the orders. The controller asked him, "Are you sure?" The General nodded. The controller punched a code and a series of missiles lined themselves up against the launch pods. "Are the targets set?"



The controller punched a mauve button. The missiles launched away. The general gulped and wondered, will it work?

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