Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cold War II (Part 4: The Aftermath)

The Aftermath of Cold War II

Ten Days Later...

The humans that were spread across the universe were in horror the day it was broadcast on intergalactic news. The Earth was a mass of black holes. The colonies on nearby planets, moons, and asteroids sent black hole cruisers, ships capable of escaping a black hole's pull at up to ten miles an hour, to investigate the wreckage. Six billion humans dead, countless more animals. All of the dead sucked into the black holes.

One Year Later...

The cruisers didn't find answers for the questions of the one hundred trillion aliens and humans in the galaxy. This scared the inter-species council even more. Uglec, an alien with three eyes and six toes total, said, "Uh wa lu he!" translated to, "This cannot happen again!" Another member of the council, Rugsop, an alien with two heads, each with one eye, mouth, nose, and ear, said "Ti hua ta!" translated to, "I am surprised." It was a known fact that there was a war between Russia and America, but nobody knew that they had weapons capable of destroying an entire planet.

Ten Years Later...
The Interviews

Reporter: Hello! I would like to ask some questions about the destruction of Earth.

Interviewee (Jonathan): OK.

Reporter: What did you feel when you heard that your home planet, Earth was destroyed. 

Jonathan:  I don't remember very much, I was ten at the time, but I remember gasping in horror with the people around me. 

Reporter: Did it make you sad?

Jonathan: It shocked me more than it made me sad. I only spent a year of my childhood on Earth, so I didn't remember much of it.

Reporter: Alright. Thank you for your time.

Jonathan: Goodbye!

Reporter: Hello dear, I would like to ask some questions about Cold War II.

Interviewee (Sally): OK.

Reporter: Your father was in Cold War II correct? If so, when you heard about the destruction of Earth, what did you feel.

Sally: I had mixed emotions. I was shocked and sad. I was shocked because I was only four at the time and I didn't know people had that kind of fire power, and sad because I lost my dad.

Reporter: I'm so sorry... Thank You for your time.

Sally: Goodbye!

Fifteen Years Later...

"The council has announced that all weapons from every species shall be confiscated and disposed off into a special disposal unit. If not, the planet they live in will be encased in a sphere so that they can never leave." Cold War II was the bloodiest war in all of the Milky Way's history.

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