Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Infection (Part 1)

November 5, 2093:

Population: 7,046,000,000

Status: Normal

Todd was just an army soldier. Well, just an army soldier until November 6, 2093...

November 6, 2093:

Population: 6,200,629,000

Status: 25% of all countries in the world have declared martial law

The world is in ruin.  This is because of a disease. Nobody knows where it started, it just did.
November 6, 2093

Todd groaned as he woke up. His general woke him up at five o'clock. The General mocked him, "Uhhhhh." Then he said, "Wake up Soldier! Busy day!" Todd  brushed his teeth slowly, changed into his uniform lazily, then ate breakfast. After breakfast, Todd was no longer tired. He ran around the track field, and met with his squad and general at seven o'clock. His general announced, "Today we are going on a field trip to downtown New York City for a skirmish drill." They piled into the back of a troop transporter bus and it zipped away.

As they got near the city, Todd looked at all the tall buildings rising above the walled city of New York and unknowingly said, "Whoa!" Suddenly, the bus stopped at the gate and The General got out. He shouted, "What is going on here!  We are the U.S. Army." A policeman ran up and cried, "Thank God you're here!" The General gave him a puzzled look. The General got back into the bus and it started to move again. The gates opened.

As soon as the bus passed the gates of New York City, people swarmed around the bus screaming, "Let us in!" Suddenly, a person jumped onto a window and started snarling and banging on it. The General shouted, "Get off the bus!" Todd scrambled off the bus and took out his AK-47. The General suddenly put his Walkie-Talkie up to his ear. Todd heard muffled voices. Finally, The General pointed at the snarling person and screamed, "Shoot that thing!" Todd unleashed a spray off bullets at the person until the person fell onto the ground. Todd asked, "Sir, who is that? What's going on?"

"A person infected with an unknown virus. Build up barricades, we have to contain the infection." Soldiers started to pile up fallen purses, wallets, coats, and sandbags, to form a wall. When all the non-infected ran out of the gates, all was silent. Todd asked, "Was that the only infected one?"

"Nope." Todd gulped. He looked down the barrel of his gun over the barricade. He saw the first of the many Infected. The General shouted, "Fire at will!" Bullets fired and it toppled to the ground. As Todd reloaded his gun, a horde of Infected swarmed. He started shooting, and his squad members followed suit. Even the General pulled out his pistol and started shooting. Infected after Infected fell, but more just took its place. Tom,  another squad member said, "We can't hold this position for much longer!" The General, spoke into his Walkie-Talkie. Todd focused on shooting the infected.. Suddenly, a chopper flew over a building and unleashed with firepower that equaled all of the squad members' fire power combined. Todd's shots became less accurate as he switched his attention between shooting and the chopper. An Infected leaped over the wall, biting a squad member beside Todd, spreading the unknown pathogen to him. He shot the Infected and ran over to his squad member. The squad member was spazzing out and started screaming. Then, he was still. The General ordered them to get into the bus. He ran towards it and as he got into the bus, he saw his squad member stand up. His squad member started snarling at him and ran towards the bus. Oh no, Todd thought, he was infected. He leaned out the back and shot his squad member. The bus burst through the gates of New York City.

"Sir, Is it like that all over the world?"

"Yes." Todd shuddered at the thought.

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