Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Infection (Part 2)

The General spoke into his Walkie-Talkie, "We need emergency 'evac' now! We are the 56th squadron in quadrant two. We request immediate 'evac'!"

On the other end of the line, the man said, "Evacuation squad is on it's way. It is a chopper. You should see it in about three minutes."

Todd was scared. He looked around and saw that his fellow squad members were too. The General shouted, "We need to get out of the bus. Be alert! If there are any Infected, shoot them!" Todd got out of his seat and walked out of the bus along with his squad. Then, they heard the chopper. It went, THUG THUG THUG THUG... Todd rushed towards it and jumped in. He pulled out his pistol and told the others to get in. After five minutes, the General was about to get on. As Todd was pulling him in, an Infected ran out and grabbed onto the General's leg! The chopper was getting higher and higher. The General cried to Todd,"Help Me!" Todd pulled with all his might, not realizing that an Infected was clinging to the General's leg. The General ordered, "Shoot the Infected on my leg!" A squad member shot the Infected and it let go. Todd's squad helped pull the General into the chopper.

The General started walking towards the front of the chopper to tell the pilot where to go, but toppled to the ground. Todd said, "Oh no! He is Infected!" The General started spazzing out and lay still. Jim, a squad member bent down and said, "General?" The General lashed out and bit Jim. Jim started showing the symptoms of the Infected too. Todd grabbed his pistol from it's holster and shot the General. The General stopped, then continued to come towards them. Albert grabbed his machine gun and blasted the General. The General toppled to the chopper floor and started crawling towards them. The co-pilot came out and saw the madness. He said, "Hey, what's going on?" Jim turned around and jumped onto the co-pilot. The co-pilot screamed. Albert unleashed another spray of bullets that hit Jim. He kept shooting, but many bullets missed and hit the wall that separated the pilots from the passenger. Todd looked out the window. The chopper was losing altitude. The co-pilot stood up and bit Albert. Only Todd, Robert, and Han were not Infected. Han cried, "Grab a parachute!" They snagged some from a compartment behind them, put them on, and opened the chopper's door. They jumped out. Robert cried, "My parachute doesn't work!" Todd glided towards him and grabbed onto him. Todd used his spare hand to pull on the parachute string. It burst open, leaving Todd and Robert hanging. Han also pulled on his parachute string, and they landed on the ground. Todd said, "Do you have any ammo and survival supplies?" Han gave him a grim look, "What do you think?"

They looked into the distance and saw the chopper crash. Robert announced, "Let's go check the chopper. There might be some supplies there." They sprinted towards it. Todd whispered, "Stop. There might be Infected still alive." He pulled out his pistol and looked through the wreckage. He saw the dead pilot. "Albert shot the pilot on accident. No wonder we crashed." Robert replied, "No matter, we must look for supplies." He pulled open the door and it came clean off. Todd and Han stepped inside. They looked from side to side and saw dead Infected. "Good!" Todd said, "They are dead." Han rummaged through a pack that survived the crash. Todd said, "Just take the entire pack." Han obeyed. They rushed through the door hole and ran to Robert. Robert pulled out a phone and said, "The nearest town is that way." He pointed East. Han asked, "Can you connect to the Army on that phone? Robert answered, "No." They started to walk towards the town.

Day 7 of the Journey

Todd cried, "I see it!" They ran towards it and after a couple hours, arrived. They pulled out their weapons and saw a woman peek out a window. They ran to the house and rang the doorbell. She opened the door. "What do you want!?" she said.

"We need a place to stay and food. Our army chopper crashed and we barely survived."

"Alright, come on in."

"Ma'am, do you know what is happening to the world?"

"All I know is that there are Infected people that are very dangerous. We are lucky, we are protected by military troops."

"Really? Where is their base?"

"Right across the street!"

"Thank you ma'am." They rushed out the door and rang the buzzer of the Army base's building. The door's opened. A soldier came up to them and shouted, "What do you want!!!"

Han replied, "Private, you should respect the ranks that are superior to yours!"

The private looked at their uniforms, "Sir, I'm so sorry sir, I'm so sorry..."

"No harm done. We will see your General."

"Yes sir." The private led them to a conference room and opened the door. The General looked at them. "Who are you?"

"The last three surviving members of Squad 56. The rest are dead or Infected."

The General nodded. "What are your names?"

"Sergeant Todd,  Corporal Robert, and Commander Hans."

"I see."

"Please help us."



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