Saturday, September 27, 2014


"Welcome aboard the Titanic, a galactic cruise ship. Thank you for choosing Tyran Enterprises!" Announced a computer. "Hmm... Interesting name," said Jux, a cruise ship attendee. "According to the history of a planet called Earth, there was a ship named the Titanic that crashed into an iceberg and sank," he continued. "What!? You must be joking. There is no such thing as a ship on the water," exclaimed Burl, Jux's friend. Jux responded, "They called the ships, Booo-ats."

Burl cried, "What! I want to see one!"

Jux said, "Lucky you! I checked the "Earth visit" excursion. When we stop on Earth, we can check one out."


A serving robot walked up to them and asked, "Would you care for some tea?" Jux shuddered at the voice. It sounded like it was screaming, like something was in pain. "No thanks," responded Jux. The robot moved on. Jux told Burl, "Those things creep me out."

"No kidding." Jux and Burl were aliens from the planet Badabing. However, don't go calling the Badabingalings, because it can be the last thing you ever do. A Raxicorpian child shouted, "Mommy, look! It is a Badabingaling!"

"Now, Horus, that is impolite..."

The child interrupted, "Mommy look!" The mother rushed the child away.

Jux and Burl walked to the window. They were just passing the star X9-B1, one of the red giants of the Milky Way. The computer repeated its message. The cruise ship was just leaving the planet Foran, and its destination was Gortan. It was scheduled to stop at Earth, Mars, and Guglimush. Of course, Martians and Guglimushians were much more advanced than the Humans. Therefore, they could land on Mars and Guglimushians without interfering with anything. However, they couldn't land on Earth because it was universal law that you couldn't interfere with planetary development.

5 Days Later

"Ladies and gentlemen of all planets, moons, asteroids, and comets, Welcome to Earth,"  announced the computer that seemed happier than usual. "If you would please go to your designated teleportation zones, we are going incognito to observe Earth and its inhabitants." Jux and Burl walked to F1, their designated teleportation gate. A purple sheet appeared inside the gate, and it rippled and wobbled in a hypnotic way. They stepped in. BZZZZZZZZ! They closed their eyes as a terrifying sound emerged from the gate. PSHEEEW. They opened their eyes. They were on Earth! Burl was amazed. He ran around screaming, "I CAN FINALLY SEE THE BOOO-ATS!" Humans all around looked at him. Jux ordered Burl to stop. "You are drawing attention!" Jux hissed at Burl.

"Sorry." They walked towards the nearest human and asked, "Where is the lake/ocean/river?" The person was frightened and puzzled. He answered, "O. Ov. Over there. Please don't hurt me." He pointed at Roanoak Lane. Jux and Burl ran towards it and saw a giant bay. "Whoa, look how big that ocean is, cried Jux!" Badabing was a desert planet, and it had no source of water. It was impossible to rain. Juz and Burl were part of the last Badabingeans. Only one billion survived out of the fourteen billion that once thrived because of moisture machines. Burl fainted at the near sight of it. He fell into the water, and woke up thrashing about. He cried, "Help me! I don't know how to swim!" He writhed back and forth, and Jux tried to reach down and grab him. Burl screamed and became submerged into the water. Jux couldn't see him because the water was too murky. Bubbles came up from the water. he cried for help! "HELP SOMEBODY! MY FRIEND IS DROWNING!" A man from the street saw, and leaped into the water. He brought Burl up. Burl was coughing and wheezing. He spit up pints and pints of water. He squirmed about. The man slammed Burl in the chest. Jux was horrified. He thought the man was helping him! Suddenly, Burl coughed up more water, and was OK. The man said, "Boy, your friend has some big lungs to hold that much water." It was true, Badabingeans had twice the lung capacity of humans, and a binary-vascular system, meaning two hearts. They said thank you and wished the man a good day. The man hurried on to his normal day and Burl and Jux hugged each other.

Burl looked up and screamed. He saw a giant cloud of smoke and fire. Jux looked up too. Bits of metal came searing by. One human was hit, and flew one hundred feet back, dead. Jux and Burl ran. More pieces of metal came zooming by. One, the size of a computer mouse hit a two story building, and the building exploded. The people of Earth panicked. Jux and Burl turned around. A building exploded right in front of them and it launched them into the air. They were unconscious. Little did they know, the Titanic, with its nuclear engines, was entering the atmosphere.


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