Saturday, October 4, 2014


Jux woke up sputtering. Cold water was being splashed onto his face by Burl. Burl held his water bottle close to him, as if someone was trying to steal it. Jux looked around. The town was in ruins. There were human officials everywhere, he saw a medic run past him. He stood up. He was a total wreck. His muscles were aching, and he was dizzy. Burl put Jux on his shoulders and ran.

All the way across the world...

"This is Extra-Terrestrial Management Squadron 499." Soldiers, scientists, and political officers rushed about. A General, General Phillips, announced, "The incident that happened near London, England, was not from an asteroid, or any other space rock. It was extra-terrestrial. Alien. We have here a specimen of the raining objects. I advise you not to touch it, for the last guy who did caught on fire." People gathered around the 1 inch piece of metal. He continued, "We have calculated that it was part of a spaceship, and that it is falling. We must stop it before it reaches 10,000 feet,  for if it impacts the Earth, we can say goodbye to the Northern Hemisphere. That is if the physical object hits the Earth. If it has any engines of a special type, then-" He paused. "Then we can say goodbye to our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. This might be the last hours of the people of planet Earth."

General Phillips went to the tech room of the Extra-Terrestrial Management Squadron facility. He said, "What are our options rookie!?"

"We can launch missiles at the unidentified object, which is extremely risky, or... We can use a device I have been working on."

"What is it?"

"It is a teleportation device. However, I haven't tested it yet, and it could disperse all the atoms of a human body into nothingness."

"It is the best we have."

"But sir, when our troops do get up there, what would they do?"

"They will try to fix the communicators and call for help to other extraterrestrial beings, like the Martians."

"How do we know these aren't the Martians?"

"Well duh!? Martian ships don't even look like this. They look completely different. Plus, "Martians are our friends." The General marched off. The tech rookie mouthed, "What?"
Jux started running around, looking for other passengers of the cruise. Burl screamed. Jux turned around and saw Burl flickering. "HELP! I AM TELEPORTING!!!" Burl zapped away. Jux looked down at himself. He was teleporting too! He blinked and found himself on the cruise ship. He looked around and saw all kinds of droids walking around. He said, "Hey!" They looked at him. They said in unison, "Problem detected. Solution: Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill." Jux looked around, there was no sign of Burl. Jux bolted. He smashed through a door and looked out into space. An air bubble was sealing the ship, but there was no wall. He carefully walked around it, and continued to run.

He bolted through another door, ran up stairs. Suddenly, he tripped, and something grabbed him.


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