Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas is here

Christmas time is almost here,
One day out of all 365,
Many get together to celebrate,
The wonders of winter

Christmas time is almost here,
The snow falls down,
but the children don't care
they sing Christmas carols all day long

Christmas time is almost here,
decorating the pine tree,
lighting up the house,
and building snowmen
people preparing for Christmas all day long

It is Christmas eve,
then the sun goes down,
The children curl up in their bed all night long,

Thump, Thump,
Ho Ho Ho
Santa came,

Christmas is here,
and we have waited all year long

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Clashing, Booming, Deafening
a cackling laugh travels through the sky

Splashing, Gurgling, Churning
a powerful roar of water from the heavens

Whooshing, Swooping, Gushing
a gust of wind blows through the still air


 The huddled people hide in their humble homes,
and why they were afraid,
nobody knows

A  shiver went through their bones,
frightened they were, so sleep they went, to conceal themselves in their own Utopian glade,
during their dreams, they wish a clear sky, maybe like the painting drawn by Van Gogh

Finally, after a deep slumber, the people of Earth look out their windows,
and they are amazed

The thunderstorm has passed