Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Second

The masked man, who looked suspiciously like a criminal, walked into the back of his truck with two other people. They asked him, "Why put on your mask so early Casper?" Casper replied, "Better safe than sorry." They climbed in, and the driver, another man who had a mask over his face, closed the door shut. It shuddered on impact, and continued to shudder as the driver turned the engine on, making the truck vibrate. Then, the truck lurched forward, and drove onto the highway. Nobody bothered to look at them as they went on the infrequently used, and broken down exit off the highway. They swerved into a grove off the side, and looked at the nuclear power site. Casper called to his two buddies, "Hey Rafael, Malcolm, the rest of our group is waiting on the other side, so hurry up!" Rafael and Malcolm quickly obliged. They gathered their weapons. Rafael and Casper carried AK-47's but Malcolm carried an AWP, a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle, banned for private ownership in most countries. Malcolm also carried a powerful C4 explosive device. As standard for their group, they carried a P250 each, a weak pistol with small recoil.  They gathered with the rest of the gang, and Casper announced their plan. "Malcolm, Rafael, you two cover the entrances. Malcolm, you can give your bomb to Kennedy... Tommy, Kennedy, you make sure that the bombs get planted. Roger, you support them, while I help guard. I have no doubt the Counter-Terrorist force will be upon us." Hidden in the bushes, a silent figure nodded, listening to their plan. Then. he notified the Counter-Terrorist group. A few moments later, the terrorists put on their masks and barged into the nuclear power plant. They immediately shot the cameras with their pistols, and continued on their way.

As this was happening, a helicopter was on its way. The seven passengers were trained anti-terrorist soldiers. Inside, they waited for the "go" signal. They muttered, "Red light, red light... Green light!" They jumped out the helicopter, hovering three feet over land, and rushed to the building. The man hidden in the bushes also came to join them. Seven of the men carried M4A4's and the eighth carried a Dragunov, a weak but small sniper rifle. As they entered, they saw Rafael. Rafael open fired, taking out two of the people in the Counter-Terrorist squad. Then Malcolm sniped a third member. As Malcolm was reloading, he realized that there was a bullet in his chest, and collapsed onto the ground. Rafael realized that he would die if he stayed, so he followed the rest of the gang into a small corridor that gave the terrorists a vantage point. Three Counter-Terrorists lined up against the wall. The one with the Dragunov sniper rifle shot one of the bomb carriers. The bomb dropped out of his hand and slid to the middle of the corridor. Casper sneaked forward and pulled out his P250.

The first Counter-Terrorist said, "Flash-bang? Smoke?" The others said, "Flash-bang." He pulled out a flash-bang, but before he could throw it, the terrorists unleashed a wild spray of bullets into the corridor. Casper slid on the ground and snagged the bomb. Then, he went back behind his fellow terrorists. Finally, the Counter-Terrorist threw the flash-bang, stunning Rafael and Kennedy. They were gunned down by the advancing Counter-Terrorists. Then, Tommy shot and obliterated the Counter-Terrorist with the sniper rifle. The remaining Counter-Terrorists shot Tommy down, his wild scream louder than the gun fire. The Counter-Terrorists ran down a hall, and Malcolm pulled out a hidden Molotov. He ignited and threw it, and it burned another Counter-Terrorist. As the two remaining Counter-Terrorists, Phineas and Colin, waited for the fire to die down, Roger started to plant the first bomb. Eventually, Phineas burst into the room, shot down Roger, and saw the activated highly explosive C4-bomb. Colin waved at Phineas to defuse it, and signaled that he would go after the remaining terrorist. Phineas obliged. He bent down and pulled out his defuse kit. While he was working on that, Colin went threw a broken window and saw the last bomb, but no terrorist with it. As he set down his gun and pulled out his defuse kit, he looked around one last time. Nobody. He cut the first wire, Nothing happened. Then, he heard movement. He didn't look around but silently grabbed his P2000 pistol. He heard the unsheathing of a knife from its scabbard. and heard a man grunt. Casper was almost upon Colin, but Colin swung his pistol around and blasted Casper out of the air. Then, Colin quickly returned to defuse the bomb. 2 seconds. 1 second. Colin trembled as the milliseconds went down. He cut the wire, and the bomb shut down. Colin sighed in relief, and realized that his squad saved many lives...


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