Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fast Reflex

"My hands trembled as I clicked the green ACCEPT. 3, 2, 1. A voice said, 'Let's roll.'"

I recently got a new video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and have been playing it. My friend Michael, who has played this game for 2 years, introduced this game to me. The game has a total of 18 ranks: From Silver 1 to The Global Elite.When I first found out about these ranks, my mouth hung open. There we're so many ranks! I was determined to rank up by playing long, tedious, but fun, 90 minute competitive matches.

"As I joined my first competitive match, I started to shake. I was afraid I would fail, my team would lose, and everybody on it would down rank because of me. I shook the thought away. I was determined to win. When I joined, the game put me on the Terrorist force. The top of my screen displayed: Waiting for Players..." I checked my 'money' and saw that it was full. I excitedly pressed 'b' to open the buy screen. I bought an AK-47, and started to 'Warm-Up'. I practiced getting head shots and controlling my recoil. The map I was playing on was Nuke. I was extremely familiar with the map, because I play on it quite often in casual mode. I noticed that one of my friends was on the same server. I immediately called him. He answered. I said with glee, 'You are on the same competitive match with me! We are even on the same team!'
He replied, 'Great!'

Finally, the time had come, and the game placed us in our respective spawn. We were playing Bomb Scenario, where the Terrorists have to plant a bomb in either A site, or B site. Perspiration was on my forehead. I quickly bought a Kevlar Jacket. I decided that being tense would not help me, especially on the 'pistol round', where nobody has enough money to buy better guns. I mustered up courage to speak into my microphone. I commanded, 'Let's rush B through ramp and sneaky.' That meant that we would all go to B site, either through the common ramp route or through a more sneaky way that meant going across open ground. I desperately hoped that my team would oblige. I felt better when they all agreed, 'Yeah, Sure, Alright!' We went, and fortunately, my plan worked. We all reached B site. When we arrived, we checked all the areas, and no Counter-Terrorist was in sight. We planted the bomb, and a notification popped up on our screen, 'Bomb has been planted. 45 seconds until detonation.' My team suddenly became nervous. I noticed that their movements became more jerky, and they no longer walked, but ran instead, making an abundance of noise. I reassured them, 'Guys, calm down. Two of us can go through ramp and the rest (three) can go through vent.' Both ways eventually led to A site. I climbed up the ladder in the vent, and broke the metal grate. I looked around, saw that nobody was there, then peeked up, checking the rafters for any enemy. It was all clear. That meant that they were closer to the bomb, or were outside. I sneaked closer, and heard footsteps. I turned a corner and started to fire. One Counter-Terrorist dropped dead, but then, I was hit by two others. One had the default Counter-Terrorist pistol, the P2000, but the other had a Five-SeveN, and I was quickly killed. However I did damage to the Five-SeveN holder. I was furious. I shouted to my team, 'One has default and one has Five-SeveN. The Five-SeveN carrier is lit for 63,' which meant that I dealt 63 damage to him.' I clenched my fists. I was too careless. I should have waited for the rest of my team...

It was the final round and now my assigned team was Counter-Terrorist. The score was 15-8. We were in the lead. It was Match Point. I had enough  money to buy an AWP, a slow reload and bad close range weapon, but excellent sniper rifle.

I covered the outside, and saw two enemy snipers. My fingers clenched up, and instinct carried me to safety. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. I wanted to win my first competitive match. I peeked my gun around the crate I was hiding behind and fired. I killed one of them. As I was reloading, the other sniper wall-banged me, shooting me through the wooden crate. I was apoplectic. I switched my weapon to a knife and scrambled away. After being busy fighting the sniper, I realized that there were three enemies and one other team mate left. My teammate killed the sniper, but was soon head shot by the bomb carrier. I started to shake, and became edgy. I thought, 'This is the ultimate test. Can I bring my team to victory?' I changed back to my sniper rifle killed the bomb carrier. Now it was one on one. I had the bomb in my sights, and relaxed a little. If my earlier nervousness could be measured on a scale of one through ten, it definitely would have been an eleven. Now, it was about 9.5. I gulped, and attempted to suppress my apprehension. I climbed onto the rafters at A site so that I would have the high ground, and advantage, while being able to see the bomb on the ground, also an advantage. I noticed movement in my peripheral vision...

It may have been luck, it may have been instinct, or it might have been quick reflexes, but I swiped my mouse across my mouse pad, and head shot the last enemy. No matter what is was, I knew it was just pure awesomeness. I laughed, and cheered. My team congratulated me and praised me. We all said our, 'Good game, and GG.' to each other, and to the other team, but in the end, I felt more satisfied than the others, because I had one my first competitive match."

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