Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Back!

It's Back! I had been waiting since last February for the annual CERTAMEN competition!!! Certamen is a Latin version of quiz bowl. Last year, I brought my team to the semi-finals, and we scored second place in Northern California, and fourth place in all of California. Yesterday, February 22, 2015, I went back to Saint Ingatius College Prep in San Francisco to battle opposing teams from all Northern California in the fiercest wars.


My hand is shaking, and I loosen the grip on my buzzer. I wipe the sweat off of my hands on my pants. and grip the buzzer again. It is the final round. My team and I, the same group of silly kids from last year, scored second place the previous two rounds, and we were determined to win the next game. "Translate the ablative preposition in this sentence. The chef is in-", announced the proctor, unable to finish because somebody foolishly buzzed in before she could finish. "C1!" she announced. I was startled, I looked over and my teammate Lucas's eyes widened. He gulped, and said, "In... In Culina?" 

"Correct! Even though I didn't finish the sentence, I guess it can be inferred that the chef is, "... in the kitchen."

Lucas gasped. Then, smiled, and started softly singing, "Oh yeah! Unhun, Oh yeah! Go Lucas! I am the best yeah! Unhun!" I face-palmed myself. Lucas loved to indulge himself. It was the next question. "Who locked his daughter in a dungeon-" BEEEEEEP! I buzzed in. "C3!" announced the proctor. I cried "Accrisius! He locked his daughter, Danae in a dungeon, because he heard from an Oracle that his grandson would kill him. In the end, Danae's son, Perseus, did kill him." The proctor said, "That was all correct, and in fact, you answered the bonus questions too. 20 more points for Bentley Middle School!" I mocked Lucas, "Oh yeah, go Ethan! Oh yeah! I got this in the bag! Go Ethan!"


In the end, we won that round by forty-five points. We had 105 points, another team had 60, and the last had 10. We all cheered, and shoved each other around, because that is what silly boys do. We also high-fived each other, and I felt extremely satisfied, because everybody said that I was the MVP (Most Valuable Player), although I thought that everyone did equally as well; it was totally a team effort. Well, I tremendously want to get into the semi-finals, so I hope to write another post when I get there!

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