Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Missing

A man in baggy jeans, a large coat, and sunglasses walked across the side walk, ignoring people's disgusted glances and glares. He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked into the Walgreens that was just around the corner. He eyed the cashier, and nodded to him. The cashier didn't respond. Just as the man walked into the isle with all the soaps, hoping to find a hair gel that could snazzify his hair, there were gunshots. He ducked down, and reached into his right pocket and pulled out the Desert Eagle inside. He cocked it, and looked around. He heard police sirens off in the distance. He went outside Walgreens and saw a buff man holding a trembling man. The buff man also held a pistol, and by the looks of it, it was a P250. The man holding the Desert Eagle was named Norman, and he was, despite his appearances, a good guy. In fact, he was actually an undercover cop, surveying the more ghetto side of town. Norman started to walk towards the man with the P250. He raised his gun, aimed at the perp's head, and shouted, "Put the gun down! I don't want any trouble." The man with the P250 cried, "Come and make me." He aimed the P250 at Norman. Norman used this to his advantage. With the hostage no longer in danger, he shot the criminal. The criminal's body toppled onto the ground, and the trembling hostage scrambled away. Norman put his gun back into a hidden holster inside his large right pocket, and told all the witnesses, "Please stay calm. More police officers will be on their wa-" He never finished his sentence before a searing pain hit him in the back and slammed into the ground. He gasped for air, and looked around, but the sniper was already gone...

Norman woke up in the hospital, and groaned. A nurse was standing next to him. She said, "You were shot in the back by a sniper, but you will be fine...

Norman woke up again. This time, something was wrong. The lights were all off, and everything was silent. Norman moved, and realized that it didn't hurt. He checked the time. 9:17 AM, February 3, 2017. Norman blinked. The day he was shot was March 2, 2016. He looked out the window on the side of his room, and everything was empty. He walked out of his room, and found his way to the front desk. Nobody was there. He crept around the hospital and eventually found some clothes. He slipped into them, and found his way back outside. As he walked, he looked around, and still, nobody was there. There were no people on the sidewalks, no cars on the street, and no movement in any building. Norman was terrified. He started to walk towards his house.

He didn't have the keys, so he broke open a window and climbed in. He went down to his basement, and opened a small closet door. Inside were some guns. He grabbed an M4A4 and a CZ25-Auto. He loved the M4A4, and even spray painted it to make it more personal. He changed into his own clothes, putting on a belt that had a holster on it. He also grabbed a giant backpack and started stuffing canned goods into it. He finally reached inside the closet and grabbed a Karambit. He was starting to realize that this was an emergency, and he needed to be prepared. Just as he was leaving, Norman swung around and grabbed some ammunition. He shoved a clip into his M4A4 and CZ25-Auto, grabbed his car keys, and left his house, not knowing that it would be the last time he ever saw it.

He got into his car, luckily full of gas. He turned it on and drove down the street, hoping to find somebody else. Now Norman was not only terrified, but was also nervous. He was afraid that he was missing something, and that it would affect him in the future. He kept driving until he reached the edge of the city, Nemo City. Then, he started to see cars, and sighed. As he got closer, he realized they were military cars, and became puzzled. He drove up to the cars and got out. The people in and around the cars gasped. Norman said, "What's wrong? There's nobody in town !" One brave man replied, "I-It was the terrorists. They took them somewhere. They are still in the city, we just don't know where! Everyone we send in never comes back. You are the first person to come OUT of that city in just over a year!" Norman's jaw dropped. "You mean, they were ALL abducted?"


Norman was speechless. Never, in 10 years, had he been speechless. Not once...

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