Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Adventures of Bloot and Tubes: Episode 1, Stranded

"Lieutenant, you have five minutes of air left."

"Five!?" Lieutenant Bloot's hands fumbled with the power controls. Lieutenant Bloot and his crew were stranded in the middle of space, in galaxy X981. The ship lost its power two weeks ago, and there was only one room that was operational, thanks to some expert thinking from Mechanic Lubey Tubes, who quickly created a makeshift generator in the nick of time, able to save the people in the mess hall. Unluckily, this meant they had limited air. People were already fainting from oxygen loss, and Lieutenant Bloot was desperate to turn on the main generator, which would filter carbon dioxide for oxygen, and provide power for the entire ship. Lubey was whispering through the headset that was implanted in Bloot's astronaut suit, "You need to pull the big lever, then type the code 19391 into the console. It will reactivate." Bloot did as he was told. There was a whirring sound as the generator came back to life, but then it powered back down. Bloot shouted, "It started for a moment then shut down!"

"Try the code 10374" The same result.


"Try 12031" The same result


"I'm almost outta air. I got two minutes left in my tank and it takes four minutes to get back," interrupted Bloot. Bloot started to run back to the mess hall, which was nearly impossible in the no gravity hallways. He decided to push off the walls and towards the mess hall. Ten seconds of air left! The mess hall was still two minutes away. Five seconds... One second! Bloot exhaled a final breath as he reached for the mess hall door. Then something unexpected happened. The door opened and Mechanic Lubey grabbed onto Bloot's hand, pulling him into the mess hall. Then, the door slammed shut. Bloot took his helmet off and breathed the stale mess hall air. He whispered, "I failed." Lubey said, "Not quite. Those small surges of power let some electricity into this battery of mine. This battery is able to take small amounts of electricity and multiply it, so we can just power the ship from here."

"How long?"

"At least an hour."

"We don't have an hour, much less thirty minutes." To emphasize the point, there was a banging on the door. Everyone froze. The banging came from outside the door. Nobody, could live outside the door. There was no air, and the temperature was below -400 Fahrenheit.

"Pressure?" said Bloot.

"What pressure? The door and walls are meant to withstand pressure in the case of an emergency like this. The door and walls would just-"

"I don't need your explanations Tubes! All I needed was a not pressure." A man started to walk towards the door. He put his head against the door, and when he did, the door opened, sending him flying into space. Coming in was an enormous alien. It was nearly impossible to see, since it was pitch black, and blended in with the darkness outside. Somebody whimpered, and it lashed out, instantly snatching the person and going back into the darkness. The door closed.

"Ok. Now we know the alien is on board, and that it turned off the power."

"That seems to be the case. We have to send people out there."

"We can't. The alien will take you and probably kill you."

"What if we are silent? It couldn't' see us, but when it heard poor Jimmy whimper it lashed out like a starving dog."


"Five minutes of air left."

"Five!" Everybody panicked, reducing the air to four minutes. Everybody shut up after that.

Bloot broke the silence. "Battery life?"

"Ninety percent."

"That'll have to do." Lubey opened up the generator and shoved the battery into the power input slot. The ship whirred to life.

"Well that solves one of our problems." As Lubey said that, the alien charged into the room, snarling and hungry. Bloot whipped out his pistol and shot it four times. It only seemed irritated. It turned towards Bloot, snorted, and charged him. Bloot jumped out of the way in the nick of time. He shot the alien a few more times, but the alien was not injured. In fact, the alien just got more angry. He ran towards Bloot, and was expecting Bloot to dodge. As Bloot jumped out of the way, the alien snatched onto his shirt with its long claws and started to strangle him. As Bloot flailed around, Lubey grabbed a wrench that was lying on the ground next to the generator, and whacked the alien repeatedly. Finally, he hit a spot on the small of its back and the alien collapsed onto the ground, unconscious. Bloot thanked Lubey and announced, "It is time to go back to Earth!" All the men cheered, but one man said, "What about the alien?" His voice was full of fear and angst.

Bloot replied, "We bring it back to Earth so we can study it."

And with that, they courageously walked back to the huge cockpit of the enormous ship, and they started the engines. At faster than light speed, they zoomed back to planet Earth.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Cold

Sniffle Sniffle,
Cough Cough,
a sore throat,
and a runny nose,
these are the symptoms,
of a cold

Unable to swallow,
Always sneezing,
Blowing your nose,
this is what you do when you have a cold

I sleep all night,
I yawn all day,
I need more rest,
to get over this cold

it seems my cold is cured,

its just that time when it is about to get worse

Sniffle Sniffle,
Cough Cough,
a sore throat,
and a runny nose,
these are the symptoms,
of a cold

it is actually cured

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Trip to Washington D.C (Day 2): The Thirst

On Monday, we went to the Embassy of Israel, Arlington National Cemetery, took a photo op outside the White House, and went to some memorials.

The Embassy of Israel was interesting, but wasn't the most exciting. We learned a bunch about Israel's politics and government, but there wasn't any moving around and exploring things. It was a sit down and listen to a speaker for an hour activity. Then, we went to Arlington National Cemetery, which we were all very excited to see.

Everybody was wearing formal clothes, so it looked like we were going to a funeral, but we were actually fantaisie touristes (french for fancy tourists). We walked up the hill, which was surprisingly steep, despite it looking flat from far away. We marched on and on for half an hour, and finally arrived at the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. It was very calm, and the Guards marched back and forth for about ten minutes, and everybody was sweating. Some people looked like they were going to faint from the 80-90 degree weather, sitting on rock steps in dry air. Finally, something happened.

A guard and a sergeant walked out from who knows where, and the sergeant announced in a hoarse, loud, and scary voice. "MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS IS THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD CEREMONY. PLEASE REMAIN SILENT. PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!" Then, he walked over to the guard, spun a working, cocked, loaded, rifle a few times, handed it to the guard, then they started marching over to the strip where the original guard was still marching back and forth. I swear it was like they were trying to send subliminal messages to our brain. "21... 21... 21..." The guard marched twenty-one steps, stopped for twenty-one seconds, rearranged his gun, waited for twenty-one seconds, faced the other direction, waited twenty-one seconds, and marched twenty-one steps. Just looking at the twenty-ones make me want to say twenty-one  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  After that, we were all extremely thirsty, and we rushed to the water fountains as if we were in a desert for two and a half days and saw water for the first time. We scrambled there, and sucked up the water like we would never see it again. We spent fifteen minutes there.

After we drank our water, we walked to President J.F.K's grave, and it was very exciting, seeing a praised president's tomb. We paid our respects and moved on. By then, we were all thirsty again, running back to the visitors center. When we finally got there, we saw a water fountain. We raced there, but it turned out that it didn't work, forcing us to look for another one. We found the only other ones in the visitors center, and the line nearly filled an entire hallway.

Image result for zigzagging people in a hall

We spent thirty minutes getting our precious water, and left to go to the memorials. In the bus, I reflected on Arlington National Cemetery, and realized that we would not have had our country as it is today without them. I paid my respects to EVERYONE buried in that cemetery. Thank You.

We took a photo op outside the White House, but we didn't see Obama, so it wasn't as exciting as it could have been. There were two guards on every side, and there were two fences on every side. It also looks smaller than in pictures. Then, we went to the memorials.

First, we went to the Jefferson Memorial, which was pretty cool,

but not the most exciting thing in the world. Then, we went to the FDR memorials, which was awesome, because you were allowed to climb on rocks to get a better view of the lake beside it.

We didn't go too many places that day, but it was still awesome and exhilarating to see more land marks of Washington D.C.