Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Blue House on Green Street Part 1 (The Newcomer)

In the large town of Color, each street was named a certain color, and the houses and buildings on the street were all painted that color. The sidewalks, roads, street lights and signs would also be that color. The people of Color were all grumpy, and nobody knew why. However, there was one man named Mr. Purple, and his wife was Mrs. Red. They had four children: Magenta, the oldest and most mature girl, Gold, a temperamental boy who loved to throw tantrums, Yellow, a boy who always loved to smile, and Pink, the smallest little girl who was six years old. They were always happy, and never insulted anybody or got mad. Mr. Purple and his family lived on Green Street, and everyday Purple would inhale the clean air and sit on a rocking chair on his porch. Everyday he would read his favorite book The Spectrum of Colors while sipping on black coffee, with no white sugar added. When anybody passed by, he would wave and smile, but they would always scowl in return. Mr. Purple didn't mind. He would just look back at his book and hum to himself, enjoying the rainbow sky and the laughter of his children, smelling the cooking of his wife and feeling the rocking of his chair. On one particular day, he decided to look down the street, and gazed at all the green houses and buildings. Then, he sighed contentedly and look at his own house. With a sparkle in his eye, he saw some paint coming off, so he walked inside. He announced in a big loud voice, "It is time to paint the house again!" He rushed his children into the back of a green van, and his wife gracefully entered the shotgun seat. Purple climbed into the driver's seat and drove towards the hardware store. They bought ten buckets of paint, and hauled them back to the van, and drove back to their house.

They covered all their windows and lamps, and Magenta and Gold climbed onto the roof. Yellow tossed them a few buckets of paint. They opened the paint canisters and without even looking at a specific spot to paint, sloshed the entire bucket of paint across the roof. The paint dripped down the wall and into the green grass. Pink even wanted to help. She waddled around with a green lollipop in her hand as she grabbed a paintbrush and started to slap the wall with it. Mr. Purple and Mrs. Red chuckled.

After five hours, the paint job was complete, and the house looked good as new. The sun was starting to set so Mrs. Red cooked a delicious dinner for them. They all gobbled it down. They brushed their teeth and slipped into their beds. Before long, they were fast asleep. The next day, they all awoke to a man screaming, "HERESY! HERESY!" They scrambled out of bed and peered out the window. There was a man pointing at something in the distance, and he continued to scream. The people on the street came out of their houses, most still wearing their pajamas. Under the bright sun, it was hard to make out what the man was pointing too, but it was definitely out of place. It just didn't seem green. One man squinted and shouted, "Its blue! THERE IS A BLUE HOUSE ON GREEN STREET! WHO DARES DO THIS!" There were whispers about the blue people trying to invade, but Mr. Purple thought it was nonsense. He announced in a big booming voice, "Let's go knock on their door and see what they are doing!"

"Yes!" shouted the audience in unison.

They marched over to the blue house.

In a moment, the owner of the blue house walked out onto his porch startled. He announced, "What is the meaning of this?"

Mrs. Red spoke up, "Sir, why is your house blue. The law strictly forbids that! I am afraid you must repaint your house or we may have to call the authorities." The man put on a scowl. He paced the deck and finally breathed out, "Nonsense. Leave my property or I will call the authorities." Some people turned to leave, but most people stood their ground. One woman cried out, "Why are you here!"

"Because I live here." The man was stubborn. He just would not repaint his house. Most of the crowd gave up and started to leave, muttering things like crazy man, or I wonder how long he will last.

Eventually, Mr. Purple and his family left as well, walking back to their house.

That night, long after Mr. Purple and his wife were asleep, the children giggled and whispered to each other, "Lets sneak over to that weirdo's house and scare him." The children laughed even more at that until Magenta hushed them up. She said, "We can't go scaring strangers, even if they are weirdos like that guy."

Pink cried, "Scare weedos!"

Then all the children besides Magenta also cried, "Scare weirdos!"

Magenta sighed. She said, "Well, I guess I need to supervise you."

The children put on their coats and shoes, and headed for the door.

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