Monday, August 24, 2015

The Infection (Part 3)

Todd, Han, and Robert were exhausted. They collapsed on tiny bunk beds in the military base that was lent to them. The sky was black, and the moon was out. Todd whispered to Han and Robert, "Do you think they will make us go back out there?"

Han replied, "Yes, of course, they need all the troops and medical personal to fight this disease."

Robert then cried out, "Then I am going to leave! I don't want to become one of those ravaging infected folk. I'm going to ask that kind lady for some spare clothes and get out of here."

"Then I am going with you!" Burst out Todd and Han together. They all climbed out of their bunks, took out unnecessary items from their packs, and crept out of their sleeping quarters, trying to sneak out. When they reached the exit, they slowly pushed open the door. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Then, they ran outside and bolted for the gate. They ran and ran, and nobody stopped them. They finally reached the lady's house and asked her for some clothes. She told them to come in and change. They threw out their muddy, worn out, torn clothes into the garbage, and put on the new fresh clothes that were her husband's. Todd was stuck with a dress shirt and pants, while Todd and Han got a casual t-shirt and jeans. They thanked the lady, checked their packs to make sure everything was inside, such as med-kits, pain pills, and pistols, then left the house. They decided to act like civilians and go to the evac center in the next town, since the general would recognize them in this town. The set out to the fence around the small town they once thought was a safe haven, and set out to the unknown.

After walking ten miles, they couldn't walk any further. They were trying to walk towards the lights in the distance, but it never seemed to get any closer. They decided to rest. They slept on the ground, not caring about the mud and bugs on it, happy to get some sleep. The next day, they woke up early, tired but able to walk. They finally reached the shining light, which was coming from a distant city. Todd cried out in relief, "If I had to walk any more, I would lose another fifty pounds!" As they got closer, they realized that the lights were coming from a hill on the other side of the city, and they would have to go THROUGH the city in order to get there. Han cursed, and threw pack to the ground. He cried out, "We have to go THROUGH the city!? Who knows if it is safe or not!" Robert then whispered, "We need to walk more!" After a weary journey, they all fell on their knees and lied down. The lights in the distance seemed to dance, taunting them, encouraging them to come closer. They pulled out water bottles from their packs and drank from it, not letting any water dribble down from their chin. They recapped their bottles, stuffed them in their packs, and forced themselves to get up. The three fatigued men walked into the city.

At first, there were no sign of any people, or infected, but then a distinct growling and howling could be heard. As they turned the corner, they saw hundreds of infected on one street, wandering around. They quickly ran past, making sure to be silent and stealthy. The infected didn't notice. They pulled out their pistols and continued towards the light. They trudged onward, and they saw another group of infected. There was no way to get past them but to shoot. As soon as they fired the first bullet, the horde cried out, and lunged and lashed out for them. Todd cried out, "My god! They are like piranhas!' The came in waves, running towards them screaming and squealing. Han, Robert, and Todd shot, trying to not get bitten or scratched, but they were no successful. Han and Todd both were bit, and Robert was scratched on the cheek. However, nobody was showing the symptoms. They were terrified, and Han started to sob. He cried out, "WHY! WHY! WHY ME!." He fell to the ground and Todd and Robert waited. They waited for the inevitable.

They waited all day, but nothing happened, they never felt the urge to bite or attack another healthy person. They decided that they were immune. They once again set out towards the enticing light in the distance, hoping it is a way to get out of the hellish city and survive. They traveled over people's backyards, encountering hundreds of infected, managing to kill them all, even if not unscathed.

Todd was tired, and decided they should rest. Robert and Han gladly obliged, when suddenly, an infected pounced from the rooftop of a nearby skyscraper, and viciously attacked Todd. Todd screamed, "Get it off, get it off!" as he struggled to shove it off his body. It clawed and bit Todd, and finally Robert grabbed a pistol and shot ten times. Then, it slumped over and died. Han rushed over and patched Todd's wounds up with a med-kit, but Todd was still in pain. He managed to sit up and drink some water. He didn't stop until the bottle was empty, and he cast it aside. He managed to say, "I think the disease has mutated." Then he collapsed onto the ground. Robert walked over and lifted him up, regardless of the injuries he had and the enervated he felt. He carried Todd while Han grabbed two pistols and dual wielded them, a murderous look in his eyes. They were about a quarter of the way to the light, when they found a barred metal door, and a house next to it. They recognized it as a safe house that infected couldn't get into. They saw many along the way, but until now, they didn't have the need for it. They walked in, closed and locked the door, piled chairs and a drawer against it, and fell asleep.

Friday, August 21, 2015

MSI GS60 GhostPro 064 Review

ecently I just got a new laptop. It is the MSI GS60 GhostPro 064. It is a gaming laptop designed by MSI and it is extremely fast. It comes with an i7-4720 2.60Ghz processor and a NVIDIA GTX GeForce 970M. Below is are the pros and cons about the computer:

1. The computer is capable of running multiple tasks at once without slowing down a bit. I am capable of running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Steam, surf the web, play music, and download giant files without the computer slowing down.

2. The computer is very thin and slick. It can fit in very small spaces and is very durable.

3. The computer can run many games on ultra settings without breaking a sweat (figuratively speaking)

4. It comes with a number pad on the side of the keyboard, which is very nice since you don't have to reach towards the top of the keyboard every time something requires numbers.

5. Very large storage capacity. It comes with a  one terabyte hard drive and a two hundred fifty-six gigabyte solid state drive. Can be customized to have more or less storage depending on where bought.


6. The sound is very clear and is capable of many frequencies at different amplitudes.

7. Very good resolution. It has a 15.6 inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution.

8. Keyboard is backlit with multiple colors which looks cool and allows the user to easily type in the dark.

9. Can plug in a second monitor for work.

10. Three USB slots.

1. Fingerprints stay on the computer shell for a long time, but can be wiped off with a cloth or clothes.

2. Dust is clearly visible if allowed to gather on the computer.

As you can see, the pros far outnumber the cons, and the two cons that I have come across are only cosmetic issues. The computer's performance is clearly top notch and if you are looking for an excellent gaming laptop this computer should definitely be on your list of possible choices.

Overall, this computer satisfied all my needs and actually exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with my decision. I wish you all luck in your writing, games, and other activities! Feel free to let me know of other pros and cons I should be on the look out for! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Blue House on Green Street Part 2 (The Break-In)

Gold bounced up and down as he and his siblings sneaked towards the blue house. They stayed in the shadows of other houses, avoiding street lamps and windows. Once they reached the house, they looked around for unlocked or open windows. There were none. Magenta sighed in relief, since she didn't want to break into the the house but had to supervise the other kids. Suddenly, Yellow whispered, "I found a door to a cellar!" The children slowly creeped over to the door. They pulled on the handle and the door swung open, releasing a musty smell. They climbed inside. Once they were all in the cellar, Magenta closed the door behind them and turned on the single light bulb in the center of the room. Inside the cellar were books. Lots and lots of notebooks. The books were full of maps and notes. Pink started to pull them off their shelves and give them to everybody. Gold was in the middle of flipping through a book when he cried out, "Look!" He then realized that he had shouted it and immediately panicked. His face turned red and he started to whisper, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" Yellow hushed him up and picked up the book. He flipped to the page Gold was looking at and gasped. He opened his mouth to talk but then the cellar door burst open.

It was Pink who saved them, playing around with the light bulb and accidentally turning it off. The children all ran and hid. Pink jumped down from the stairs and landed in a pile of trash, effectively concealing herself from the stranger. The stranger walked down the stairs into the cellar, and turned on the lights. He didn't see any of the children, and he walked over to one of the old bookshelves. He grabbed a notebook and left the cellar, turning the lights off as he left. The children all waited a good long while before they escaped their small cramped hiding spots. Magenta stretched, and asked Yellow, "What was in the book?" Yellow was too afraid to answer, so he just handed the notebook to her. On the page said:

The Rebellion has begun. Dark/Brown/1064 (This is how the people of Color tell the date)
Every midnight from here on, a new house will be painted a different color from the street it is on. The brainwashed citizens of Color will be helpless to stop once our master plan unfolds. Master plan in book eleven of six hundred thirty seven. A new dawn is approaching, and the people of Color won't be there to see it. They will all perish by the second silver moon, and even their ridiculous police won't stop us once we grow to full power.

Gold, reading over Magenta's shoulder looked for the eleventh book. He found it, and flipped through it. He found the page that had more plans, and it read:

The Rebellion is over, but the War has begun. Light/Green/1064
Vaporize anybody in our path. We will wage full war on the people of Color. If they do not oblige to our commands, they will die. Our blasters will no longer kill anybody, they will vaporize their homes and cars, shops and buses. Best of all, the new age will be upon us, and we will grow even stronger. Victory to the FLOUTERS.

Pink noted, "This Month is Green, and next week will be Light." Magenta nodded. She said, "The situation is more grim than any of us thought. We need to take these notes to the police! Gold then cried, "But then they would know we broke into this person's house."

The cellar door suddenly burst open, and nobody was there to save them. The owner of the house laughed and boomed, "It seems I have found the intruders of my house! Servants, seize them!" Big burly men walked towards the children holding gags and rope. On their belts were Protonic Blasters, banned in the town of Color since they were so destructive and lethal. They bound up the children of Mr. Purple, and dragged them into the house.

The children were locked into a dark room, and they attempted to untie their binds. They only managed to spit out their gags. Magenta whispered, "We need to create an escape plan." Despite their binds and low morale, the children set to work...